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Book Writing and Publishing - Mentoring and Support

1 Hour


If you are writing, or intending to write, a book and would like help, guidance, support or mentoring; then we can work together towards your goal. This is such a wonderful journey and it can be hard to stay on track or know what to do next. Let me help you as i know what it is like.

Having written and published four books so far, I have found out the best way for me to do it and can share that with you.  We can plan, organise and structure your work, get it ready to present for publishing approval and follow it through.

If you think that you would love to write and publish a book and think that being dyslexic hinders you then let us talk!  I am dyslexic and my school teachers wrote me off but my books are now all over the world and have helped so many people.  Your book can be about anything from chronicling your life experiences to sharing a story or adventure. It could be poetry or a manual on how to do something.  Whatever book is burning away inside you - we can work together to nurture it and bring it into being.

My books are Three Steps to Enjoying life, The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children, Fantastic Feet - a guide to Foot and hand reading and E-Motion - messages of the body,

I can help to support you, coach you and help to hold yourself accountable as you flow through the process of idea and concept to actually holding your book


We can go through:

  • Identifying the role of your book
  • Information on the types of publishers and help you to decide which one is right for you,
  • Valuable advice on how to actually write the book
  • Key information on the environment,
  • Timing
  • Print and design considerations
  • Birthing your book
  • Who to talk to
  • Contact information
  • Getting it out there
  • All done and finished - just let people know all about it.....

It is all about how to actually make the dream come alive, and be actually holding your finished book and seeing others gain from the information that you have shared with them through the pages.

This option is to receive mentoring from Sue Ricks.


Additional Information

Also see the ebook "One Way of Writing a Book and Getting it Published"

and "Setting Yourself up for Success During a Writing Week"