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About Me

Susan RicksI run the Sue Ricks Clinic & School of Complementary Therapies, I practice & teach extensively. I am based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, in the UK & travel widely.  

I have written Books, Produced DVD’s, Designed charts & produced other items to help people learn more easily & to provide helpful information .

Recently I’ve written 2 books, one to help people find their way to a happy life – ‘Three Steps to Enjoying Life’, and last year “The Gentle touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children”. Writing and publishing the second book especially has been a life changing experience – being able to help families to enhance their babies and children’s well being, and also to be able to travel to the US, Ireland and Canada to teach these techniques to nurses and Reflexology practitioners who help children in their care.

I enjoy helping people to be the best that they can be, I have witnessed some real changes in people and marvel at what is possible.

My First introduction to the healing arts happened when my son was born & I discovered how working on his feet could help him! Since then I have become a massive advocate of Complementary Therapies to help people of all ages in numerous situations.

Since 1986 I have been developing my knowledge and awareness of the types of things that really make a difference, & hence I have studied some wonderful subjects

I have treated thousands of people in my clinic, both young an d old,I am now grateful to be an honorary member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR, HMAR), a seniors practitioner with the institute of complementary & natural medicine (ICNM) & am a senior member of the British Register of complementary practitioners (SBRCP). I am ull member of the federation of holistic therapists & a business member of the Reflexology Association of America.

I am fortunate to be able to provide treatments in my clinic in Loughborough & also in various location when I travel on my lecture tours. I am the originator the Gentle Touch Reflexology.

I began teaching Reflexology in 1994 after starting my reflexology practice in 1992. I Practice & teach Gentle Touch Reflexology & many other subjects in the UK & Abroad.

Susan Ricks

I am an honorary member of the Association of Reflexologists (HMAR) & an advisor to the ICNM. I love teaching all the subjects that I offer as all of the subjects can make a real difference.  I teach from a very personal perspective as they have made a real difference to me and also use them in my own clinic where I practice. I have taught many hundreds of people as well as teaching many others how to use Gentle Touch Reflexology, Reiki, Hopi Ear Candles, NLP and foot reading. 

I love teaching as there are so many great people who want to know more about energy, life and how to more effective in helping others.

I think it is really important to have fresh, new and relevant experiences that relate to the technical & in depth knowledge skills being imparted.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to speak for many organizations on the whole range of key subjects. These include working with the BBC, central Television, Association of reflexologists (AoR), Reflexology association of America (RAA), New York State Reflexology association (NYSRA), National register of Reflexologists of Ireland  (NRRI)

I became a Feng Shui Practitioner in 1997 after I first encountered Feng Shui when I realized that a client had an issue that is very important in Feng Shui.

I had our home Feng Shui’d by a Master & found that everything he said was totally relevant & accurate. This sparked my curiosity to know more & so Since 1997 I have been studying more & more about Feng Shui & how energy moves & affects us I the natural world.

I became so deeply involved in Feng Shui that I was invited to do some work with the BBC on working with natural energies & Feng Shui plus giving presentation on “Feng Shui in Business “.  Some of the attendees included WHSmiths,  Hilton Group, Manchester Airport, etc.

My interest in Feng Shui has grown and developed in the years and so has my training.

Since 1997 I have conducted numerous Feng Shui consultations for both new homes and businesses whilst developing a very high regard for its effectiveness that I follow myself.

An Interview with...Sue Ricks with Professional Reflexology

On a very cold but sunny afternoon on January 24th, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sue Ricks about her reflexology career. It was a wonderfully open chat with a very warm, welcoming and inspiring woman. Her advice for reflexologists in my opinion is invaluable, so make sure you read all the way to the end!

If I remember rightly, Sue was sat in her study, cup of tea in hand, watching the birds playing in the garden.

What influenced your decision to become a Reflexologist?

Well, it was probably by accident and maybe part of a grand design. I remember that my Mum had health issues when I was younger, and a family friend offered to give her a reflexology treatment. My Dad had to persuade Mum to have the treatment, but it really made a difference to her health. My Dad also had a couple of treatments for a neck injury caused by a skiing accident, and following the treatment he could move his neck much more easily. I remember being surprised that both of them experienced physical and emotional benefits, but the experience was quite different for each of them. This was when I first started to notice reflexology.

When and where did you study?

Reflexology was not very well known back when I started my training. I had my first reflexology treatment with Margaret Bates in Nottingham, she also introduced me to traditional healing. I wasn’t quite sure that I “got it” and so she introduced me to the details and fascination of reflexology. This was a much more traditional form of reflexology and was of a firmer pressure than I use myself today. For me, it was like working on a jigsaw but with a couple of key pieces missing. I carried on for a little while like this and then studied Morrel reflexology in Chepstow in 1991. I am always learning and training. I have come to realise that the more I learn, the less I know! I met Harry Oldfield who shared his knowledge about the energetic side of life. The interaction between energy, healing and reflexology is just absolutely fascinating. I was involved in the first clinical trials of reflexology at The Prince of Wales Hospital in Cardiff. This was working with hip and knee replacements. I am passionate about that – helping to make other people understand reflexology, what is and isn’t possible with research.

How has your reflexology methodology changed since you qualified?

Since I qualified my techniques have become lighter and lighter. I have the greatest respect and fascination for all the increasingly energetic links between our body, our emotions and the energetics of us all. The more I realise this, the more fascinated and awed I become. It’s like being a detective. When I first started I worked initially with just adults, then children and their friends. Now I work with even more adults and children including pre-term babies (neonates), with the elderly and those in terminal care.

What have been your High’s and Low’s during your reflexology career so far?

There have been many highs:

When the magic happens and something incredible happens, I see results or someone who has chosen to experience or learn Gentle Touch Reflexology, and find that it changes their life.

Helping someone to understand what is really going on and going forward with ways in which to resolve the underlying issue; Seeing their “light-bulb” moment and the impact of the “A-Ha!”.

Being invited to work on helping babies who are withdrawing from cocaine or heroin in hospitals in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been working in Ohio since 2009, in the neonatal NICU (critical care units) to research and collate data. The evidence is starting to show that there may be significant potential improvements for these babies when treated with Gentle Touch Reflexology. It’s really important that we achieve good, qualitative data.

The Low’s happen when I overwork myself, mainly with the admin side of my business. I get exhausted and lose my way and my energy!

What are your aspirations for the next few years?

To go with the flow.

To keep learning and share knowledge with anyone who wants to learn more about Gentle Touch Reflexology.

To love more and more.

Releasing and accepting.

Helping everyone to be the best that they can be, including me.

How do you spend your spare time outside of Reflexology?

I have increasingly more spare time and I am more protective of it. I spend it quietly with my partner, children and grandchildren. I love gardening, walking, entertaining and cooking for people. I do lots of photography. My follow my “3 Steps to Enjoying Life” book , and love photo’s, nature and reading. I like going out to beautiful places and spend time in France with my partner rebalancing. I am teaching in America too, so I make sure that I spend time with friends when I am over there. I try to get to know the people wherever I am teaching or treating. The world is such a great place with great beauty. I love connecting with the land and nature, my garden is full of birds and we love to watch them.

What advice would you give to Reflexologists who are in the early years of their career, to develop their techniques and enhance their practice?

Play to your strengths. For me this is in treating and teaching. I am dyslexic so my strengths are not in admin. Reflexology feels like my home.

Love what you do. Feel the fun, love and passion in what you do. Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t!

Remember that energy follows thought, so notice what you are thinking about. Whatever you are thinking about will be what you get more of. It helps to notice this and chose the good stuff!

Fill your life with good and positive people. People who can help you stay on track and remind you if you are losing your way.

Get some mentoring or professional support. I am lucky to know Wayne Dyer, Hanne Marquardt and Laura Norman. Go out of your way to meet other reflexologists who you respect and admire.

Believe in what you do to your bootstraps! And find your own beliefs.

Enjoy, laugh, have fun, smile, be happy, chose good thoughts, allow acceptance and pass on random acts of kindness.

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