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I like your way of thinking Sue!

....Lovely to hear your voice again Sue......

you still have the same great, generous and encouraging energy.

Angela ~ Ireland - Thought of the day - 30 days of making each day better - 06/Dec/2022

This is something I have thoroughly enjoyed working on! It’s something I practice with all of my clients so it didn’t feel awkward at all!! Quite the opposite infact it has grown my knowledge of such things too! I start all my reflexology sessions with a lifestyle chat! I don’t ever force my views on anyone but instead try to be led by their understanding of things and we grow together from there! I am truly blessed to have incredible clients who are open to all areas of life and often seek advice! The law of attraction is my mantra and every day I thank the universe for my understanding of it!

I have worked things slightly differently when practicing delivering this helpful information! I particularly like your grounding techniques as have my clients!! The energy follows thought concept was particularly easy to explain and I’d say most of the clients and friends I’ve explained it to have given great feedback and understand fully the importance of a positive mindset in life in order to meet our full potential!

It was great having different techniques to use and for some they preferred them to their current techniques, though some seemed to stay with what they know which of course is fine! I explained the importance of finding what works for them personally and we are all so very different! The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the feedback and being able to talk in depth about the individual needs of each person and how to tweet accordingly!

I’ve not been privileged enough to work with a mum yet! But know the delivery will be fine as it’s something I know works and helps with absolutely everything in life! And I feel confident in my delivery.

A happy head gives a happy heart as we know and how beautiful that we are able to help by sharing.

Thanks, Sue for this amazing course! I’m truly loving it 

Love, light and blessings 

Carmella - Unknown - 27/Sep/2022

Thank you for an interesting and informative online course

Heather - Hot Stone Reflexology - Online Course - 05/Sep/2022

I am loving the course

Nancy - Hot Stone Reflexology - Online Course - 09/Aug/2022

I've gone through it once and will get down to further work in the very near future. It was very educational and enjoyable. Thanks for your support.

Cecilia - Hot Stone Reflexology - Online Course - 01/Aug/2022

I feel a deep connection with stones and love the feel of them. It is going to be great using them with my clients. So excited about it. Great course and it was so good to be able to dip in and out as the time presented itself. I was delighted to see you offering this training as I first came across you when you explained virtual reflexology, the idea really appealed to me and many of my clients. Thanks to you many of my clients were able to receive and benefit from distant reflexology throughout each of the lock downs. Thank you for enabling me to continue working with my clients at a time when they really needed help.
I was trained to use a firm pressure when giving reflexology and it has been refreshing to learn more about light touch reflexology. I am going to use light touch in areas of my treatments from now on as a way of introducing the benefits of lighter pressure. They always have chance to choose the level of my pressure but I haven't ever gone as light as you do.
Many thanks for the course, the virtual reflexology idea and for doing your courses in such a wonderful accessible way.
June C - Hot Stone Reflexology - Online Course - 20/Oct/2021

I have worked my way through your Hot Stone Reflexology online course.

Thank you so much for making this wonderful course available in an online format. I so thoroughly enjoy watching and learning from your videos. You have such a warm, welcoming and engaging way about you.

I am excited to make this delightful and comforting experience available to my clients, especially since cold weather is right around the corner for us here in Michigan.

Michele Bierzynski - Michigan, USA - Hot Stone Reflexology - Online Course - 04/Oct/2021

I recently qualified as a reflexologist from the Sue Ricks School of Complementary therapy. Her knowledge and expertise is quite astounding. She made learning a very enjoyable experience and I enjoyed the course immensely. Course modules are done online, so no ones safety is compromised, with online videos and support material. 121 tuition is also given online. Highly recommend if you are looking for a change in career, want to explore something new or want to reconnect. Fabulous on every level.

Julianne Reynolds - Gentle Touch Reflexology Practitioner Diploma Course - 15/Jan/2021

Hi Sue, I wanted to catch up with you and just really say a massive thank you for how much you continue to positively affect my life.


Meeting you for my Gentle Touch reflexology training all those years ago and then recently having life coaching sessions with you has had a huge impact on me. What I have learnt from you and the work we have done together has taught me many amazing skills, helped me to deal with past trauma, overcome my recent fears and develop a whole range of strategies so I can cope with challenges as they come up. I now have increased understanding and insight into myself and feel equipped to face difficult situations or feelings. I am also stronger to help those around me when they have been having difficult times, which is very rewarding as I can make a positive difference to others.

I am so grateful to have met you and that you have been there for me when I have most needed it. 


Lots of love 


Tracey xx

Tracey - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop - 14/Dec/2020

I have been going through the course when I have had the time! I'm loving it! 

Fiona - One to One Intensive Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 31/Aug/2020

Gentle Touch Reflexology is more than just reflexology techniques; it's about being present and bringing your whole self in your reflexology practice.  When the mind, heart, and fingertips are in alignment, it doesn't take much pressure at all to experience the energy flowing through the reflexes.  I've been integrating these techniques into my sessions and getting amazing response from my clients.  It's a absolute pleasure to have techniques that don't hurt my hands at the end of the day. Thank you!

Christine Freeland, Seattle USA - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop - 10/Apr/2020

I love the course, it has tons of very useful information that is perfect written and explained by you!

And that is it gentle in practise and philosophy, very gentle care for the children and practitioner ????

Monique ~ Netherlands - *Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training with Sue Ricks - ONE TO ONE - 20/Feb/2020

"Hi Sue, thank you so much for such an amazing weekend"...
"What great tools and life skills I have learnt this weekend. Thanks so much Sue for sharing your knowledge. xx"
"Thanks so much for the manual  it’s brilliant! X"
Tracy Penny. UK - Energy Healing (including Chakras) - Milton Keynes - 19/Oct/2019

Hi Sue, I have to let you know my confidence level skyrocketed after the workshop! 
I feel so good in my practice now. Thanks!
Sulesa Harmon OH, USA - Foot Reading and Visual Interpretations - One to One private training ONE day - 29/Sep/2019

I just wanted to say thank you for your time and your hospitality yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with you, and experiencing a GTR from you which was wonderful. I am so excited about taking forward my new skills and knowledge of GTR and EFT.


Thank you once again for Tuesday, it is a day that I will never forget!


Best Wishes,



R M B - Gentle Touch Reflexology with Emotional Freedom Technique - 25/Apr/2019

Really enjoyed this course Sue Ricks and your special blend of unique training tips, stories and real life experiences. Highly recommend this course. 
Kris Botterill - Energy Healing (including Chakra Balancing and past experience healing via the feet) ONE to ONE - 2 days - 04/Apr/2019

I have just finished your wonderful Hand Reflexology learning portal. Thank you so much. Your course is so enthusiastic, passionate and loving xx
Beryl - Hand Reflexology - learning portal - 12/Mar/2019

Working with GTR feels very natural for me. I so resonate with the modality of healing in this way. GTR has helped and supported me as a practitioner and as a person in so many ways. I feel so much more passion in what I do for a living. I love helping others heal and move forward on the journey here on earth. Emotional balance is so important to me and I feel that is my purpose here. Helping  others on the path. I had dealt with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression. In my past, I had come to doing reflexology I believe to help other who have and are suffering from the same. This is my gift. My energy healing gifts are my way of helping others. GTR has just made myself a more loving of myself and to be grateful and blessed for all that I have and all that I am to do here on my journey.

R Wilson - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop - 26/Nov/2018

Sue, I have to tell you that my lovely experience with meeting you and training with you has really changed my life! I am implementing these incredible techniques and all the other fantastic information in my everyday life! The difference has been profound!
M M - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 08/Nov/2018

Sue Ricks my beloved teacher!!
She was my first master reflexology private class!! 
Foteini - One to One Intensive Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 04/Nov/2018

I took a class of gentle reflexology for babies and children. I am so happy i did it!
Anna Para - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 04/Nov/2018

Robin Taney - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 12/Oct/2018

"Ive just treated a three old and it was his first reflexology. Afterwards he hugged me and told me he loved me.
It brought tears to my eyes"
Louise Gramalia - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 11/Oct/2018

I will personally vouch for Gentle Touch Reflexology. I love giving it and recipients love it as well. People that came to me before I learned this method were so surprised one commented that even though i was using less pressure she was feeling more things happening to her body. 
Bernette Regan - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop May 2019 - 08/Oct/2018

Meg - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 07/Oct/2018

Marianna - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 07/Oct/2018

Linda - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 07/Oct/2018

Lin - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 07/Oct/2018

Leonora - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 07/Oct/2018

Cindi - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 07/Oct/2018

Beth - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 07/Oct/2018

Ann Marie - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 07/Oct/2018

You’re by far my most inspirational trainer and therapist Sue, I love how you “come across” Your experiences and attitude, everything is very motivational and makes the most sense, and always having your clients at the heart of all your treatments, I think you’re amazing!
Gail Johnson - Unknown - 06/Jun/2018

Heidi - Unknown - 16/May/2018

GTR Course Review C - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology Introductory Workshop - 10/May/2018

Gentle Touch Reflexology course review d - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology Introductory Workshop - 10/May/2018

GTR review M - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology Introductory Workshop - 10/May/2018

Emma - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 09/Nov/2017

Katrina - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 09/Nov/2017

Jennifer - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 09/Nov/2017

Mary - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 09/Nov/2017

Neive - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 09/Nov/2017

Jean - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 09/Nov/2017

Joanne - One to One Intensive Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 09/Nov/2017

Sarah - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 02/Sep/2016

Lynne - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 02/Sep/2016

- Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop November 2018 - Course Full - 15/Aug/2016

Sophia - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop November 2018 - Course Full - 15/Aug/2016

a very big thank you for a lovely weekend.  It was really informative and fun and I now feel the inspiration I was looking for to return to my reflexology work. Your style of teaching and way of working really appealed to me.

Clare Allen, Kent. - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 24/Oct/2012

I found it very informative I liked the pace and the overall content including the stories and results of your work

on both sides of the Atlantic.

Diane Humphreys - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 06/Feb/2011

Thank you for another lovely presentation. I mentioned before you started how much I enjoyed your previous work with our group and that I was so looking forward to the "Babies and Children"- well you delivered!!

Your enthusiastic yet relaxed style makes learning easy and a pleasure.
Thank you for the manual, I will enjoy that together with the "Three Steps to Enjoying Life" book and the numerous postcards...

Catherine Davis - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 04/Feb/2011

I liked your pacing, your emphasis on real-life anecdotes and the accessibility of your course.  Quite often, you are overwhelmed by the flood of information on a course. Yours was intensely practical and gave us techniques and tips that are relevant in a wide range of situations. I look forward to seeing a baby and a young boy this week to try out some of your suggestions. I warmly recommend this course to other groups.

Richard Evans - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 30/Jan/2011

Everyone enjoyed it and learnt a lot from you. You have the unique ability to make everything appear and sound simple and enjoyable. So many tutors get a bit bogged down with the technicalities of everything they make it seem much more complicated than it needs to be.

Once again - thank you for your professionalism, enthusiasm (which is very contagious)and knowledge that you bring to every workshop we do with you.

Sheila Heywood - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 30/Jan/2011

We always know, with certainty, that any day spent with you is going to be inspirational, illuminating and fun as well as an opportunity to learn new skills ! Saturday was another hugely enjoyable day and it served to give me confidence to extendmy work with mothers and their babies and for that I thank you. One of the newer members was delighted at the certificate you gave us as she said most of them were so unattractive they ended up in a drawer, so she was going home to find it a worthy place in her room.  Mine is already up !

Diane Walters - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 30/Jan/2011

“the power of this technique is amazing, we are seeing its results daily”.

Wendy Rolf (Holistic Health Specialist, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital) - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop November 2018 - Course Full - No Date

“Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology has given me some incredible tools to increase what I offer to my clients”

Daniela Centola (Reflexologist, Southampton) - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop November 2018 - Course Full - No Date


I gained my Reflexology Diploma bout 2 years ago. After a while practising I became frustrated with it because, even though my clients where feeling the benefits, I didn´t think I was making as much progress with it in terms of connecting with them.

While I became more intuitive and perceptive with Reiki and I felt very in tune with my clients, allowing intuition to guide the treatment, Reflexology somehow resisted that connection. I started to wonder why it wasn´t happening, as I thought it would develop with practice. I wasn´t making any progress either in feeling and getting information from the reflexes.

Gentle Touch Reflexology was a revelation, and during my training it dawned on me that before, Reflexology wasn´t something I was doing with the clients, it was something I was doing to them. Thinking back, the way I initially learnt seems now a very masculine way of practising that stopped working for me after a while. The concept of “no pain no gain”, even the names of the finger moves I was taught, like”tear” and “tornado” didn´t sound nurturing or giving, like I thought a treatment should feel. The firm pressure I was using didn´t allow me to properly feel the subtleness of the reflexes and connect with the client.

GTR turned out to be the missing link! The lighter touch and aura work freed my senses and enabled me to use my intuition and connect with the client at a deeper level, a level that I didn´t thought possible through Reflexology.

GTR fits in with my way of working, in which the energetic component is very important. It fits in with the concept that less is more that I began to understand during my Bowen Technique training, and with the realisation that there is no need for a big physical intervention, or for pain, for the body to start the healing process. Gentle is better!

Tamara Diaz Garcia - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop November 2018 - Course Full - No Date

Sue's Hopi Ear Candling course was thoroughly enjoyable; her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and her teaching is straightforward, interesting and practical. I came away realising that there's far more to ear candling than I thought - now I can't wait to start practicing this relaxing and versatile therapy. I would definitely recommend the course to others.

This Course covered so much more than just Ear Candling - I have learnt so much. Sue was very patient and went through the practical side calmly and slowly. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and am enthusiastic about using candling.

Sally Caplin, Nottingham - Ear Candling - also known as Hopi Ear Candles - No Date

This course taught me everything I need to know to become a Hopi Ear Candle Practitioner, from how they work both physically and energetically. I also gained lots of information as to who may benefit from treatments and the reasons why.

G. Collip Leics - Ear Candling - also known as Hopi Ear Candles - No Date

I first met Sue Ricks at an NRRI Symposium in Dublin several years ago.

I was immediately struck by her gentle and kind demeanour so her " Gentle Touch Reflexology" simply personifies what Sue brings to this beautiful art of reflexology.
Sue's approach is gentle yet powerful and potent and extremely effective with adults, children and babies.

It's a completely holistic method taking into account the emotions behind the condition and her e-book E- motions is a wonderfully helpful guide in identifying the relationship between the client's symptoms/complaint and their life situation......

Sue's foot and chakra charts are beautifully illustrated and her DVD's presenting the techniques and rationale behind her GTR are easy to follow.

The "peace point" hold is a terrific example of a calming technique for all and especially babies.

I have personally comforted many babies using this and adults visibly relax and let go.......

Sue has encapsulated the essence of a gentle contact in her reflexology routine and I wholeheartedly recommend her GTR course and products to practising reflexologists for added skills and knowledge and for those who wish to embark on a career in this caring profession.


Mary Theresa (reflexologist & tutor)

Mary Theresa - Unknown - No Date

"This week has been amazing

My clients LOVE the Balance Points 

They are saying, whatever you did feels like magic . 

My clients are giving such awesome feed back on the points on the feet and hands.

Personally I am Loving them also, I feel more connected to myself, my client and holding my space of self. Pretty amazing."

RT - Gentle Touch Reflexology - 30/Oct/2018

I received this:-
"Good morning Sunshine....
My first case study tonight
Whoop whoop
13 yr old Anxiety Panic attacks"
followed the next day by:-
"Good morning Sunshine
My young man was so thrilled with GTR
He felt so much calmness
I gave him the traveling book also "
(Note...the "travelling book" is Three Steps to Enjoying Life")
Robin Taney - Reflexology for Babies and Children - 26/Oct/2018

Receiving a treatment from Sue Ricks

I thoroughly enjoyed receiving a GTR treatment. I usually prefer a firm pressure during my own reflexology treatments, so it was a very different experience. I felt much more connected to the energetic movements and became very soporific! It was a privilege having Sue treat me too! I remember being aware of the movement of energy and of enjoying watching Sue’s pace and techniques. We covered such a lot in my treatment that it is a struggle to remember it all! I do know I felt well cared for, was very much put at ease and I had a sense of being in extremely safe hands. I enjoyed the gentle lulling sensations of the treatment and also the ‘space’ I felt the treatment created in my whole being.

I noticed the set up in Sue’s treatment room is designed for peace and relaxation but is also colourful and vibrant. I was offered a choice of towel colour which was a lovely surprise! I also noticed plenty of blankets, candles and lovely smells permeating the room. It was light and airy…..”

“I think it’s very important to receive regular treatment as therapists – not just because it’s so beneficial in and of itself, but because it creates opportunities to reflect on different ways of working and offers further chances to learn. Receiving GTR with Sue reminded me of what an incredible therapy it is.”

Alison Ford - Gentle Touch Reflexology - 22/Oct/2018

The clinic room is so gorgeous.  I want to be here all the time.

Megan Thompson - Gentle Touch Reflexology - 28/Sep/2011

“Sue Ricks was recommended to me for relaxation treatments and several very happy sessions later I can honestly say that Sue helped me to transform my life! From a habitual worrier and stress junkie to a calm and relaxed person, who would have thought that a treatment like reflexology could achieve so much. That said, it is truly testament to Sue’s enormous skill and knowledge of her business that she gains so much great results with everyone she works with. I have been very happy to recommend her on many occasions and she never disappoints. Add to that she is gorgeous and funny too!”

Claire Mcfadden - Gentle Touch Reflexology - 01/Apr/2011

Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology has given me back my life. I was really struggling and now lead a completely full life, I am totally sure that my treatments make a real difference.

Gillian Walker - Gentle Touch Reflexology - No Date

In the Next Room

I was surprised how close it felt in working together. You seemed to be in the next room when we were talking. I have learnt so much and I am so excited to put it all into practice.

Nicci Lovett– Canada - Unknown - No Date

Easier Than I Had Expected

This was easier than I had expected however more in- depth too. I now realise where I was going wrong and so thank you for putting back on the right track. My practice was struggling and now I have lots more skills to work with. The training notes where really clear and very helpful.

Yves – France - Unknown - No Date


This was awesome – just when I needed to understand about diseases I found your website. Great! Your teaching is easy to follow; I love your DVDs and your passion. I’ll be back for more when I have set things rolling!”

Jen Cakan – USA - Unknown - No Date

“It is really a very relaxed and comfortable training.  It is so lovely to know that the treatment is not going to hurt me or the client. I feel that I am retraining my thumbs how to really feel again and finding I am feeling more accurately by not using so much pressure” Lynda Hibbard Leicester.

“When you are feeling relaxed and chilled then things go in better and it is easier to learn. I liked your style of teaching” Janet Peters, Chester

“I am finding it so liberating as I was so anxious about finding areas “gritty” etc and to now have to think about that gives me the freedom to really feel properly and really find areas and reflex points. I feel free to me really me!”

LH - Unknown - No Date

I would not have believed that this would make such a difference.

Mrs W - Unknown - No Date

“We moved into a nice new house 2 years ago and before decorating and furnishing it Sue came to do our Feng Shui. Having followed Sue’s advice (even when it meant choosing colours we perhaps wouldn’t have done!), my husband and I agree that it is by far the nicest house we have ever lived in – every room feels so right.

Mrs B - Unknown - No Date

The room is in much need of your colorful charts... plus, I will feel like I have you with me...and that is my favorite part!

Amy ~ Moneta, USA - Foot Reflexology Chart - 31/Aug/2020

Sue Ricks, I absolutely did :) I I love foot reading. Every time I read it I catch something different that I missed and I love the mind-body connection, to be able to understand why something is hurting or what's gone amiss and why. I love you and love my books! Tomorrow will be your reflexology for babies and children and then a visit to the Sue Ricks Academy! Know why? Cause it's beyond fantastic! ????

Sharon Bowers - Canada - E-motion: Energy in Motion by Sue Ricks - 27/Mar/2020

This is a great book, well worth reading and having on your book shelf. A go-to book when using reflexology on children (and in fact anyone).

RoseAnna Gallop ~ Northern Ireland - Babies & Children DVD 1 & 2 & Book - 24/Feb/2020

Fantastic Feet is such an awesome book, full of information and easy to read. Just kept turning the pages as i wanted to see what other nuggets I would read.
Patricia Wilson - Fantastic Feet - Foot Reading Book - 28/Nov/2018

Review of Three Steps book from student - Three Steps to Enjoying Life - 10/May/2018

After watching the energy DVD and practicing the techniques regularly, I am amazed at what an impact they have had on my life.

I am a busy mum with a young family and for the past year or so it’s felt like I’ve been going around in a complete fog. I was trying to get through each day and just survive. 

I’ve always been an over thinker, a worrier, often worrying about things out of my control. Things that may happen in the future, things that have happened in the past (and that’s the crazy one, as those things can not be changed) such wasted energy.

Well, not anymore!

I have learnt that I need to be present in the moment, not in the past and not in the future but right here, right now.

The three steps to enjoying life has helped me do this. Honestly, how can something so small and simple be so huge and powerful?!

I am much calmer and patient with the children, I don’t let bad thoughts creep into my head, if they do I shoo them away and most importantly I don’t sweat the small stuff! 

I wake up each morning feeling grateful, positive, happy and looking forward to the new day ahead.

Now I feel like I have the ability to be calm, grounded and protected whilst practicing and I can pass this good energy on too.

I am also aware not pass on any negative energy that I may have picked up during the day (as I’m sure the odd bits creep in here or there) on to those I am working with but also not picking up bad energy from others. I am loving my new bubble!

I think each technique offers unique things and all of them will be beneficial tools to pass on to parents so they too can be present, feel grounded and ready to face the challenges of life and parenthood with a good energy and a clear head.

My life truly has changed and I feel so happy, I want to share this with all those that I work with so I can give the best treatment have a positive impact and make the world that little bit more sparkly. 

I am so passionate about the prospect of working with parents and children and I am excited to develop my skills with you and grow my knowledge. 



PS - when I used the hot air balloon technique I felt so emotional towards the end and when I received the gift (which was a purple heart) tears were streaming down my face! 

Victoria - DVD 4 - Everyday Techniques - No Date

I was already in the process of writing this DVD review when Sue Ricks’ article Making the Most of Reflexology for Our Children appeared in the previous (Winter 2017) issue of Reflexology Across America. What coincidence, and how wonderful that RAA readers were able to get some insights into some of the ways in which Sue’s Gentle Touch Reflexology has helped babies (e.g. with bowel regulation); toddlers (e.g. their temper tantrums), and teenagers (e.g. to cope with hormonal changes).

Sue’s The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for babies and children DVD (part 1 to 70 minutes) gives us the opportunity to see Sue’s techniques in action - something that I find so much easier than trying to visualize the application of techniques no matter how good are written description maybe!

As promised on the DVD slim case, the DVD will “provide a lovely relaxing treatment routine using the essential techniques of Gentle Touch reflexology” as well as to “help you know when and where to do a treatment” and “how to do really simple things that really make a big difference.”

I vividly remember how incredibly powerful a ‘gentle touch’ was with my friend’s baby when he had hiccups. I had learned back in my massage days (decades ago) to press into the back of the neck of anyone who had hiccups to help quell them. With the baby, I simply (barely) touched my fingers on his neck and almost immediately his hiccups stopped.

About the same time I began to prepare for this review, an acquaintance at a local orthopaedic shoes store asked me to deliver his one minute bi-weekly “pitch” to his business networking group while he was away visiting his son. He added that I would have an opportunity to give the 4o - second pitch about my own business

I arrived early to the meeting, and settled into the seat next to Patti Sinclair. I promptly began a conversation since her nametag indicated she had a cleaning service and my office colleagues and I had just begun looking for a new service. When she said what I did I told her “reflexology,” she began to tell me how amazing reflexology is because she used it to get a grandchild to sleep. She’d bought some flash cards, and despite her son’s insistence it wouldn't work, by the second night she said her granddaughter was “out” in 15 minutes. She said she went out of town a few days later and that within 2 days her son had called to ask how to do what she’d done so he can similarly get his daughter so easily to sleep.

Sue’s Gentle Touch reflexology for babies and children DVD (and/or book on the subject) is a tool any parent - or a friend of a parent with baby, toddler, or teenager - can quickly put to good use.

It may have saved a pre-school worker her job - and a lot of grief - had she learned Sue’s Gentle Touch reflexology for the large intestine reflexes! Instead, she was fired for breastfeeding another women’s child in hopes of relieving the baby's constipation.

(You can't make this stuff up and the story was in my local newspaper.)

In addition to Sue’s clearly-depicted five step protocol on the DVD, and steps to help prepare for sessions that are useful for professionals as they are novices,  I found some lovely nuggets of wisdom pertinent to all techniques and applications of reflexology.

Sue’s Gentle Touch DVD’s and books can be ordered through her website,


- Unknown - No Date

I have really enjoyed all the interesting items in the Academy. 

I have bought many of your books which I use all the time, particularly the one for Baby reflexology. I have helped my granddaughter with reflexology to help with constipation.

Emma - Sue Ricks Academy - 05/Aug/2022

"Morning Sue

I just wanted to say I’m loving looking at all the wonderful videos audios and scripts on your academy . I’m looking at the mind body section I’ve needed this , and for such a long time ,this such a help and I’m going to process this all first .

It reminds me if the saying when the student is ready the teacher will appear .

I’m so grateful I have found such a wise and amazing teacher

Have a lovely day xxx"

Sharon Bullen - Sue Ricks Academy - 08/Feb/2021

The Academy. I absolutely have enjoyed all I have read and seen so far.

I work for ***** at the clinic and I just started doing hospice massage/reflexology through my own business and your content is such a great fit.

I look forward to learning more!

Shirley - Seattle, USA - Sue Ricks Academy - 07/Apr/2020

I have only spent an hour or so in there I am absolutely loving it I know I am going to learn so much I am very excited. I am well overdue for my CPD so this is ideal thank you.

Marie - Sue Ricks Academy - 29/Mar/2020

Hello Sue! Yes I know that it's long past sleep time, but I've been absolutely fascinated by so many of your articles! The one about foot reading particularly caught my eye, and made a lot of sense. Thank you for all that you are doing, and have done for me. Being able to learn more about myself has certainly put me in a good position to reach out to others, which is so important, especially at the present time. With live and a huge hug!

Chris - Sue Ricks Academy - 27/Mar/2020

I've been using the academy for a number of months now and I find it incredibly informative and helpful as a reference guide. The content is updated on a regular basis so it allows me to keep abreast of what is happening in my industry, it helps with my CPD and gives me the opportunity and space to learn about new things. It is a brilliant resource, huge thanks to Sue for sharing all her amazing knowledge with us.

Julianne Reynolds - Sue Ricks Academy - 26/Feb/2020

" I'm loving your Academy! such a great idea! xx"
Laura Wooldridge - Sue Ricks Academy - 18/Oct/2018

There are many things I like about the Sue Ricks Academy. It’s excellent value for money, as £20 a month is easy to budget for. I can study lots of different reflexology techniques from the comfort of my own living room and save on the expense of travelling to a teaching venue. I was disappointed not to have been able to go to the Colours of Reflexology Conference 2018 but can now watch the presentations online. As well as the longer videos, I also like the mini ones which I can watch during my lunch break. One of my favourite nuggets of information was the short article about the “Peace Point” - an area at the base of the heart reflex. I now incorporate this into every routine and my clients all visibly relax, and sometimes remark on how “peaceful” they feel when I’m holding that point. So I’m very grateful to Sue for setting up the Academy. Doing CPD this way fits in very well with my busy lifestyle, is great value for money and definitely benefits my clients.
Fiona - Sue Ricks Academy - 11/Oct/2018

I would just like to say how The Academy that Sue shares all her fabulous & valuable knowledge on is an absolutely amazing way to keep yourself motivated & up to date with industry knowledge.
I have found it so helpful whilst doing my Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies & Children Practitioners & Instructors Course as it enables me to log in & just read up on knowledge that I may be missing or overlooking, especially the Mind & Knowledge category as I find this truly inspiring as it can help someone in so many ways, and just allows me to be sure that when I am writing my assignments I have not missed anything that I have been taught!
As I will be instructing parents/carers to give reflexology to their children, the videos available on The Academy just give me the reassurance that I have not forgotten anything.
The passion that Sue has for her work is phenomenal & shines through in everything she teaches.
I personally find The Academy very, very helpful.
Louise - Reflex & Rebalance, Nottinghamshire - Sue Ricks Academy - 01/Oct/2018

Comments on SRA......One of the best things about SRA is that it covers a variety of topics within reflexology as well as other aspects of healing and wellness. This has allowed me to develop my own personal style to use with my cleints.
Beth Chatham - Pennsylvania-USA - Sue Ricks Academy - 24/Sep/2018

Sue Rick ' s Academy is a great way to access loads of relevant information, tips and advice on a wide variety of topics all geared to being a professional reflexologist. You can dip in and out of it even if you only have a few minutes to spare, there is always something to pique your interest. On top of that it is all delivered in in Sue's very special one to one fashion where it feels like she is actually there with you, it's very reassuring. And of course the whole thing is accessible any time of the day or night.
There are many, many things I have learned but one of the most important ones being, a therapist needs to take as much care of herself as she does everyone else or she cannot be as effective during her treatments as she might be. Self care is not indulgent, it is necessary.
It's a lovely site to spend some time and I always feel motivated and energised when I have been on it.

Jacqueline Spurr - Sue Ricks Academy - 13/Sep/2018