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I liked your pacing, your emphasis on real-life anecdotes and the accessibility of your course.  Quite often, you are overwhelmed by the flood of information on a course. Yours was intensely practical and gave us techniques and tips that are relevant in a wide range of situations. I look forward to seeing a baby and a young boy this week to try out some of your suggestions. I warmly recommend this course to other groups.

Richard Evans - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 30/Jan/2011

I found it very informative I liked the pace and the overall content including the stories and results of your work

on both sides of the Atlantic.

Diane Humphreys - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 06/Feb/2011

Thank you for another lovely presentation. I mentioned before you started how much I enjoyed your previous work with our group and that I was so looking forward to the "Babies and Children"- well you delivered!!

Your enthusiastic yet relaxed style makes learning easy and a pleasure.
Thank you for the manual, I will enjoy that together with the "Three Steps to Enjoying Life" book and the numerous postcards...

Catherine Davis - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 04/Feb/2011

Everyone enjoyed it and learnt a lot from you. You have the unique ability to make everything appear and sound simple and enjoyable. So many tutors get a bit bogged down with the technicalities of everything they make it seem much more complicated than it needs to be.

Once again - thank you for your professionalism, enthusiasm (which is very contagious)and knowledge that you bring to every workshop we do with you.

Sheila Heywood - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 30/Jan/2011

We always know, with certainty, that any day spent with you is going to be inspirational, illuminating and fun as well as an opportunity to learn new skills ! Saturday was another hugely enjoyable day and it served to give me confidence to extendmy work with mothers and their babies and for that I thank you. One of the newer members was delighted at the certificate you gave us as she said most of them were so unattractive they ended up in a drawer, so she was going home to find it a worthy place in her room.  Mine is already up !

Diane Walters - Reflexology for Babies and Children - Two Day Workshop - 30/Jan/2011

“the power of this technique is amazing, we are seeing its results daily”.

Wendy Rolf (Holistic Health Specialist, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital) - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop with Sue Ricks - No Date

“Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology has given me some incredible tools to increase what I offer to my clients”

Daniela Centola (Reflexologist, Southampton) - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop with Sue Ricks - No Date


I gained my Reflexology Diploma bout 2 years ago. After a while practising I became frustrated with it because, even though my clients where feeling the benefits, I didn´t think I was making as much progress with it in terms of connecting with them.

While I became more intuitive and perceptive with Reiki and I felt very in tune with my clients, allowing intuition to guide the treatment, Reflexology somehow resisted that connection. I started to wonder why it wasn´t happening, as I thought it would develop with practice. I wasn´t making any progress either in feeling and getting information from the reflexes.

Gentle Touch Reflexology was a revelation, and during my training it dawned on me that before, Reflexology wasn´t something I was doing with the clients, it was something I was doing to them. Thinking back, the way I initially learnt seems now a very masculine way of practising that stopped working for me after a while. The concept of “no pain no gain”, even the names of the finger moves I was taught, like”tear” and “tornado” didn´t sound nurturing or giving, like I thought a treatment should feel. The firm pressure I was using didn´t allow me to properly feel the subtleness of the reflexes and connect with the client.

GTR turned out to be the missing link! The lighter touch and aura work freed my senses and enabled me to use my intuition and connect with the client at a deeper level, a level that I didn´t thought possible through Reflexology.

GTR fits in with my way of working, in which the energetic component is very important. It fits in with the concept that less is more that I began to understand during my Bowen Technique training, and with the realisation that there is no need for a big physical intervention, or for pain, for the body to start the healing process. Gentle is better!

Tamara Diaz Garcia - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop with Sue Ricks - No Date

Sue's Hopi Ear Candling course was thoroughly enjoyable; her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and her teaching is straightforward, interesting and practical. I came away realising that there's far more to ear candling than I thought - now I can't wait to start practicing this relaxing and versatile therapy. I would definitely recommend the course to others.

This Course covered so much more than just Ear Candling - I have learnt so much. Sue was very patient and went through the practical side calmly and slowly. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and am enthusiastic about using candling.

Sally Caplin, Nottingham - Ear Candling - also known as Hopi Ear Candles - No Date

This course taught me everything I need to know to become a Hopi Ear Candle Practitioner, from how they work both physically and energetically. I also gained lots of information as to who may benefit from treatments and the reasons why.

G. Collip Leics - Ear Candling - also known as Hopi Ear Candles - No Date

a very big thank you for a lovely weekend.  It was really informative and fun and I now feel the inspiration I was looking for to return to my reflexology work. Your style of teaching and way of working really appealed to me.

Clare Allen, Kent. - Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training - 24/Oct/2012

“Sue Ricks was recommended to me for relaxation treatments and several very happy sessions later I can honestly say that Sue helped me to transform my life! From a habitual worrier and stress junkie to a calm and relaxed person, who would have thought that a treatment like reflexology could achieve so much. That said, it is truly testament to Sue’s enormous skill and knowledge of her business that she gains so much great results with everyone she works with. I have been very happy to recommend her on many occasions and she never disappoints. Add to that she is gorgeous and funny too!”

Claire Mcfadden - Gentle Touch Reflexology - 01/Apr/2011

Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology has given me back my life. I was really struggling and now lead a completely full life, I am totally sure that my treatments make a real difference.

Gillian Walker - Gentle Touch Reflexology - No Date

In the Next Room

I was surprised how close it felt in working together. You seemed to be in the next room when we were talking. I have learnt so much and I am so excited to put it all into practice.

Nicci Lovett– Canada - Unknown - No Date

Easier Than I Had Expected

This was easier than I had expected however more in- depth too. I now realise where I was going wrong and so thank you for putting back on the right track. My practice was struggling and now I have lots more skills to work with. The training notes where really clear and very helpful.

Yves – France - Unknown - No Date


This was awesome – just when I needed to understand about diseases I found your website. Great! Your teaching is easy to follow; I love your DVDs and your passion. I’ll be back for more when I have set things rolling!”

Jen Cakan – USA - Unknown - No Date

“It is really a very relaxed and comfortable training.  It is so lovely to know that the treatment is not going to hurt me or the client. I feel that I am retraining my thumbs how to really feel again and finding I am feeling more accurately by not using so much pressure” Lynda Hibbard Leicester.

“When you are feeling relaxed and chilled then things go in better and it is easier to learn. I liked your style of teaching” Janet Peters, Chester

“I am finding it so liberating as I was so anxious about finding areas “gritty” etc and to now have to think about that gives me the freedom to really feel properly and really find areas and reflex points. I feel free to me really me!”

LH - Unknown - No Date

I would not have believed that this would make such a difference.

Mrs W - Unknown - No Date

The clinic room is so gorgeous.  I want to be here all the time.

Megan Thompson - Gentle Touch Reflexology - 28/Sep/2011

“We moved into a nice new house 2 years ago and before decorating and furnishing it Sue came to do our Feng Shui. Having followed Sue’s advice (even when it meant choosing colours we perhaps wouldn’t have done!), my husband and I agree that it is by far the nicest house we have ever lived in – every room feels so right.

Mrs B - Unknown - No Date