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E-motion: Energy in Motion by Sue Ricks

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What's it all about?

This book covers the metaphysical meaning of what your body is telling you.

Emotions are what we all experience and this book contain information on how emotions, life circumstances and situations can affect our body.

When we know what can be impacting our physical health we can do something about it. This book gives short and easily accessible detail and meaning to each part of the body. A metaphysical meaning that is simple to learn, use and understand.  Each body part or system has a clear meaning.  It is written in alphabetical order for ease of access.

Who is the book for?

The book is for all of us!  It is for people in general and also specifically for those who help others professionally towards better health. It helps by easily providing essential information about the emotional (metaphysical) meanings of the body areas, organs and systems.

Many people may think that the body is just a physical 'machine' but it is also responding to emotions and life challenges all the time. There is a direct link between what may be affecting the person in life and where it may show, appear or affect them in their body.

Each major or well-known area of the body is listed in this book 'E-Motion, messages of the body' and a brief meaning or explanation of its relationship to the person, potential life issue or emotion is detailed.

FOREWORD - E-motion Energy in Motion: Messages of the body

Bill Flocco writes the foreword to this book.

Have you ever wondered if something in your life, other than physical factors, was having an adverse effect on your health?

Over millennia, metaphysical mystery schools made a close study of this question and codified the impact emotions, thoughts, events and issues in life could have on each part and function of the human body. Access to this body of knowledge was limited to the few. During the second half of the 20th century, some of this knowledge began to trickle out to the general public. It was of special interest to two groups of people, those wanting to take more control over their health and that of their families, and practitioners in the various fields of natural health.

Now, in the first half of the 21st Century, Sue Ricks, in her most recent book, E–motion, takes this body of knowledge a step further. Respecting the unique complexity of each individual reader, rather than give one-size-fits-all affirmations or formulas, Sue empowers the reader with the highest gift, the gift of insight. She provides information related to each part and anatomical system of the body, for the reader to consider. We are invited to read, think about the information provided, explore and discover greater understanding within ourselves.

Natural health practitioners, with clients who have physical health problems that seem to never clear up, might find the insights in this book of substantial help. This E-motion book provides a wealth of information about what may be additional reasons behind the client’s present conditions.

On a personal note, reading and thinking about what is written in Sue’s section on eyes, I’ve begun to look at some likely future adventures through different eyes.

In her personal lightness-of-being personality style, Sue combines previously obscure metaphysical information, along with her years of concentrated application of this body of knowledge, into this rich array of nuggets of information. It is clear, in this book, Sue’s love and passion for all, to have a healthy, joyful, vibrant, deeply fulfilling life.

I unhesitatingly recommend E-motion Energy in Motion for anybody wanting to explore their own physical well-being as well as wanting to help family, friends, clients and patients to explore a little more deeply, other factors that might well be adversely impacting their quality of life.

About Sue Ricks

Sue is an inspirational teacher, life coach and practitioner of complementary therapies. She runs a successful training school and clinic in the Midlands (UK). These provide training in Gentle Touch Reflexology, advanced reflexology skills, other therapies and treatments too. She is a broadcaster, international lecturer, author and speaker.

Sue says:-

This is the book that I have been asked to write many times by my students!  This subject gets more and more fascinating over time and it is one that continues to amaze and intrigue me!  I remember one student telling me about a collection of conditions, aches and pains that a member of her family had been experiencing. I asked her if this person was experiencing any of the lists of the following traits, personality types or life situations. She was wide-eyed and wondered how I knew about her relative.  What I had listened to, told me that the relative had numerous health challenges that made them feel insecure, had way too much responsibility and was struggling with making an internal decision (of significant importance) plus was worried about how to move on.

My fabulous friend Debbie and I had been talking about how much easier it is to be able to help people if you can understand what is going on behind the scenes because even though they may present to you or a fellow health professional with a particular health challenge, the real issue might be something that is more related to life or living issues.  Both she and I (and numerous others) have found that it massively enhances the way we are able to interact with our clients, friend and family. Not only that but we get to help ourselves too by being more aware of what our own bodies are telling us!  It is a win-win!

I have deliberately kept this book very small and have fortunately had the publishers blessing as they too recognise the value of having an extra simple and easy to follow the book as an ideal tool for quick reference and use.

So one snowy day walking around a beautiful lake in Ohio, this book was reborn!  I had written the bare bones of it many years before and it was walking around the lake with my friend that she asked me to finish it and bring it out to help her, her students and others like us who love to be there for people in the best way that we can.  When we love people, we can do all we can to assist, but if we can be more understanding of the issue behind their presenting condition it gives us more scope to explore options to help them.

Knowing more can be the key.  Helping to increase awareness is the aim of this book.

Health is a beautiful thing and this book helps us to take control, be kinder to all and more understanding of ourselves.

With love Sue xx