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Understanding the Brain with Lesley Parkinson featuring Sue Ricks.

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Course Length: 7 Videos

This fabulous online course comes with a 50% discount on your first month's subscription to the Sue Ricks Academy, should you wish to join. Your discount code can be found within your course content.


This fascinating online course about the workings of the brain is a wonderful series of videos. It features the lovely Lesley Parkinson who is a clinical psychologist from Harley Street in London, with a small input from me Sue Ricks, on The Understanding of the Brain.

The easy to watch sections are the complete days filmed training. They are broken down into seven episodes and leads the viewer through what was a truly amazing training day.

The videos were shot on a one-day training offered by our School where Lesley shared her understanding of how the brain works and how things can help and change things for us.

The training videos show a scientific and complementary approach to how we work, how our brains work and how something called Alpha-Stim works (and why).

There is also a fascinating section where reflexology is seen from a very different perspective with a client rigged up to measure brain waves whilst some Gentle Touch Reflexology techniques were used. You have to see it to get the importance of what it shows us!

What will be covered?

  • The Brain in Action
  • Understanding anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress and pain.
  • The use of Alpha-Stim
  • Why other applications in Complementary Medicine are so important
  • Gentle Touch Reflexology and CNS Activity: Clinical Example and Demonstration
  • Wider implications and application
  • How to get involved