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Emotional Freedom Technique - making the most of EFT!

Availability: Internationally
Course Length: 7 Videos

Making the most of EFT

This series of videos has been created just for you. It's a course designed to help you to improve anything in your life that is from any known or unknown connection to you , your life, emotions or energy Emotional Freedom Technique is quite literally superb at helping all people with potentially all things, situations and life circumstances or events. It's nothing short of amazing.

I use EFT myself, with my clients and also personally and know very deeply how powerful and effective it is. I have witnessed superb changes and shifts in people who have used and consistently applied the use of the techniques of EFT What we also know is that sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be. I certainly know that too my cost! This is why I have created this video series (e-course) to be in such a simple, effective and easy to assimilate fashion.

How it helps

The course is a series of 7 videos where I go through what I now know to be the essential components of EFT. When I first encountered this field of personal growth and development many years ago, it was infinitely harder to grasp and understand; there were numerous things that you had to remember and do, and sadly it limited the number of people who could use and benefit from EFT.

I have now distilled down all the core essentials of the technique and have a very deep and powerful awareness of how effective these techniques, that I put together for you , can be. I have brought together a few methods that I use thst have been developed by gifted individuals and presented them here for you. You can use these techniques to assist you in any area of your life and anything that bothers you or holds you back. I believe in simplicity and a core intention (made with love and gratitude) as these are the driving and motivating factors to help us to be the best that we can be .

When you follow this Programme of short and easy to follow videos you may be surprised at how easy and simple they are ....and that is the secret!! Keeping it simple makes it work.