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Reiki Treatment

1 Hour

Reiki may be excellent for your whole well-being.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is becoming very popular as many people experience it and find it has something lovely to offer them and their lives. Reiki is excellent for helping you on every level in your life. It is also wonderful for personal growth and development.
Reiki (pronounced Raykey) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy that is guided for the purpose of spiritual growth and healing. It is a gentle, non-invasive, hands on (or off) therapy that is deeply relaxing and assists with healing the whole person.

Where does Reiki come from?

The origins of Reiki lie in the ancient Sanskrit teachings and were then rediscovered in the 19th Century by Dr Mikao Usui and introduced to Europe by Takata Hawayo.


What is Reiki good for?

You may get a real benefit from Reiki if you :-
  • wish to feel better in yourself
  • wish to feel more relaxed (and all the benefits that can bring to your mind & body)
  • want to feel more in balance
  • want to treat yourself
  • know it's possible to enjoy life more.

Who can benefit from Reiki?

Anyone may experience a benefit from Reiki, it is great for adults and children of all ages.   It can also be beneficial for animals too.

What is a Reiki Treatment Like?

When you come to my clinic I will welcome into my relaxing clinic room. I will ask you some questions about your reasons for coming to the treatment and how Reiki and I may be of help?
When we are ready I will invite you to either sit on a chair or lay on the Reiki couch for the treatment. Reiki can be done anywhere at any time. Sometimes I will hold my hands over the part(s) to assist the energy flow throughout your body. There are a number of specific areas (Chakras) that directly affect the energy systems of your body. By working with these areas Reiki may really assist people on all levels (physically, emotionally and energetically).
You remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. Sometimes it may be helpful to touch an area i.e. knee etc. - in all cases you will be asked if that is okay and full decency is always totally observed. It can feel very relaxing and soothing. Everyone responds to Reiki in his or her own unique way. Some people feel heat, warmth or "activity" in the area requiring assistance. Other sensations that can be felt range from tingling, ripples of energy, and something like a "magnetic" feeling.
Treat yourself to a Reiki treatment where you get the opportunity to work with some beautiful healing energies. As a Reiki Master I offer Reiki to assist you in enhancing your own healing potential. A range of helpful benefits may be experienced. Sometimes life skills techniques and advice may be given for those who are also looking for quick ways to make life easier (hints and tips that work!).

How might it help?

Not only is Reiki deeply relaxing it can also help in other ways too. Sometimes it is the right time to move on or let go.  Maybe it is a time of life change i.e. the children are leaving home, or coping with bereavement. Sometimes it can be challenging as emotional issues are dealt with, however most clients report a transition to a better place and are delighted with the results. Reiki may be able assist people who are experiencing a change in their lives e.g:

  • Overwhelmed at work
  • Coping with financial problems
  • Change of direction (house, job etc.)
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Managing divorce
  • Dealing with redundancy
  • Lacking in confidence
  • Coping with bullying (adults and children)
 How long does a Reiki Treatment last?

A Reiki treatment lasts for either 1 hour or it can also be booked for ½ hour. This option is useful for those on a lunch break from work. A Reiki treatment includes your initial consultation and professional treatment, advice and after care.

How do I arrange a Consultation?

Press the "Book now" button to choose your time slot or to buy a session that can be redeemed over the phone.