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Reflexology for Babies and Children - Skype Call

1 Hour

Reflexology for Babies and Children

Experience the benefits of learning more about how to treat babies and children by receiving 1:1 advice and guidance from Sue Ricks (author The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children).

  • Would you like to get personal expert help designed to help you and your children?
  • Are you a reflexologist who would like to know more?
  • Does your child have a problem that maybe Reflexology may alleviate?
  • Find out how some simple and highly effective techniques can be used to potentially sooth a fractious or crying child.

This is great way to get the help and support that you need by working together over Skype. (

Simply book a Skype call and we will arrange a mutually convenient time to talk over Skype.

Previously received "thank  you" from a happy client.

Thank YOU!

I had my first post-skype training baby today and feel that our two sessions really helped. The parents booked in for a full hour of instruction so that they can give reflexology to their baby boy from home. The skype course gave me the guidelines that I needed and extra confidence that I didn't know I needed!  So simple yet so useful.  Receiving training over skype worked very well for me - having a background in reflexology, it is fine to be able to watch you demonstrate new techniques and ways to work with babies.  The tips were extremely valuable and I got a lot out of our 2 sessions.

Living abroad, this option was ideal for me with regards to time and cost.  Although I feel that face to face courses are of greater benefit on the whole, this option was ideal for me as I needed some 'instant' tips and confidence to work with children and prepare for groups courses that I want to give.

Caroline Cain
Reflexologist (Zoneterapeut)  Denmark