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Reflexology Starter Pack - Presenting you with a great way to get started in Reflexology

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We've put together a full bundle of things that make it easier to get started in the wonderful world of reflexology.

Items Include:

  • DVD 1 - Gentle Touch Reflexology Practical Technique Training
  • DVD 2 - Gentle Touch Reflexology Advanced Techniques
  • DVD 3 - Success Tips for Reflexologists
  • Three Steps to Enjoying Life Book
  • E-motions: Energy in Motion Book
  • Fantastic Feet Book
  • All 8 Charts Package
  • Reflexology Initial Consultation Sheet
  • Reflexology Initial Consultation Sheet - Completion Information
  • Three months free subscription to the Sue Ricks Academy

An online version of all the products within this pack is also available, choose between the Reflexology Starter Pack and Online Version in the Available Options dropdown box above.

When you order the Reflexology starter pack please ensure that you read through your purchase confirmation email as that is full of helpful information about your order smile

See below for more details on all of the items included in our Reflexology Starter Pack...

DVD 1 - Gentle Touch Reflexology Practical Technique Training

This DVD contains 1½ hours of detailed tuition on Gentle Touch™ Reflexology by Sue Ricks. Very informative and beautiful to watch.

This is a highly professional Practical Technique Training DVD.

This DVD is created for you to see the joys and potential of Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology. If you would like to see what it is really like and get an idea of what it is like to do and receive, then this DVD is designed for you.
Content includes:
  • Introduction to Gentle Touch™ Reflexology
  • Set up treatment and advice
  • Full practical treatment routines
  • Advice on practical issues
  • Further information

This DVD aims to provide you with clear, concise, and easy to follow tuition. It is a high quality, professional teaching DVD that had been produced by a gifted team. The content follows the close hand and finger images of the treatment in progress. The tuition is provided via close up demonstrations and Sue’s personal one to one approach as she speaks to you (the viewer). It covers all of the factors required to be able to gain an understanding of what Gentle Touch™ Reflexology is and how it is used.

You can watch the treatment routine from the beginning to the conclusion of the client’s treatment. 

This DVD is for personal use, namely Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and for demonstration purposes with clients. This DVD is also a training aid for approved Gentle Touch™ Reflexology trainers.
This DVD will only work on DVD players in Europe, however, it will work on computers worldwide.
Run Time - 89 minutes

DVD 2 - Gentle Touch Reflexology Advanced Techniques

This DVD includes a great selection of Optional Extras that can be used to enhance Reflexology and also Gentle Touch Reflexology practical routines.

The DVD contains 16 different techniques that allow you to choose the most appropriate techniques for each client. You can choose to add any of the techniques shown to your existing method of using reflexology.


There are 16 techniques on this DVD and these include:
  • Energy Cap
  • Triple Balancer
  • Peace Point
  • Infinity
  • Spinal Relaxator
  • Bowel Sweep

This DVD aims to provide clear, concise, and easy to follow tuition. It is a high quality, professional teaching DVD.

The content follows the close hand and finger images of the treatment in progress. The tuition is provided via close up demonstrations and Sue’s personal one to one approach as she speaks to the viewer.

This DVD will only work on DVD players in Europe, however, it will work on computers worldwide.

Run Time - 61 minutes

DVD 3 - Success Tips for Reflexologists

This DVD contains Success Tips that can take you from being a regular therapist to a successful and happy practitioner. This DVD aims to provide clear, concise, and easy to follow tuition.

The DVD includes information on having happy and balanced client relationships.
Content includes:
  • Making a difference
  • Coping with difficult clients
  • What to say and what not to say
  • Awareness of client dependency
  • The Pyramid Safety Techniques
  • Energy Protection Techniques
  • The Bubble

It also includes information on how Energy Follows Thought and the impact this has for both the practitioner and each client. It includes practical exercises, demonstrations, and guided information. It is a high quality, professional teaching DVD. The content is provided via close up demonstrations with Sue’s personal one to one approach as she speaks to the viewer.

This DVD will only work on DVD players in Europe, however, it will work on computers worldwide.

Run Time - 60 minutes

Three Steps to Enjoying Life Book

A really helpful and useful book.

The Three Steps to Enjoying Life is a book that is designed to help you at all times.

It will give you the skills to help you cope when the going gets tough, and give you a better life. This book is a very easy read and a great gift for life. By following the suggestions you will get the rewards and happiness that you want in life. It includes beautiful colour photographs that uplift you as you read this book.

This is a happy book! It is for anyone!
It's a great reinforcement for anyone who loves to enjoy life and enjoys the simple way to live. It's perfect for anyone who struggles and needs that one change to help them start to enjoy life again. In a nutshell… it’s for everyone!

This book is available in both paperback and e-book.

This book is for...
  • Anyone who likes to enjoy life
  • Those who struggle
  • Anyone who likes a simple way to live
  • Learning another easy & fun way to be happy
  • If you are coping with yet another “mess”
  • You!

A “Happy” Book!

E-motions: Energy in Motion Book

This book covers the metaphysical meaning of what your body is telling you.

Emotions are what we all experience and this book contain information on how emotions, life circumstances, and situations can affect our body.

When we know what can be impacting our physical health we can do something about it. This book gives short and easily accessible detail and meaning to each part of the body. A metaphysical meaning that is simple to learn, use, and understand.  Each body part or system has a clear meaning.  It is written in alphabetical order for ease of access.

The book is for all of us!  It is for people in general and also specifically for those who help others professionally towards better health. It helps by easily providing essential information about the emotional (metaphysical) meanings of the body areas, organs, and systems.

Many people may think that the body is just a physical 'machine' but it is also responding to emotions and life challenges all the time. There is a direct link between what may be affecting the person in life and where it may show, appear, or affect them in their body.

Each major or well-known area of the body is listed in this book 'E-Motion, messages of the body' and a brief meaning or explanation of its relationship to the person, potential life issue, or emotion is detailed.

Fantastic Feet Book

This is a beautiful full colour guide to help you learn more and have an understanding of all things Foot and Hand Reading, after all, feet are the window into what may really be going on. This Fantastic Feet book includes full-page colour images of feet and hands with extensive diagrams and detailed explanations, plus insights from the author, Sue Ricks.
This book is for anyone! Especially those that are interested in expanding their knowledge of foot and hand reading.
Foot reading is a huge passion of mine (Sue Ricks) and I hope that this book helps so many others to gain a passion for it too.
There are easy to follow step by step instructions plus in-depth information too.
Knowing more about yourself and others via the wealth of information revealed through the foot and hand reading adds so much to self, family, and client care.

All 8 Charts Package

This is a complete set of vibrant and colourful Charts that come in a package. The chart pack is ideal for anyone interested in Reflexology (including hand and foot reflexology), energy work, chakras, and foot reading.

Package contains eight (8) charts sealed in one pack and includes the following:-

  • 5 Essentials Chart
  • Chakra Chart (front view)
  • Chakra Chart (side view)
  • Foot Reflexology Chart
  • Hand Reflexology Chart
  • Hand Reading Chart
  • Foot Reading Chart
  • Foot Reading Grid

All 28cm x 22cm = A4

Reflexology Initial Consultation Sheet

Download this two-page Initial Consultation sheet to use with your Clients. For professional use only. *Restricted Use – see ‘Important Information’ below.

An initial Consultation sheet that will take you through a series of questions that will help you to get an idea of what may be happening with and to your client. 

A good initial consultation is invaluable as it is the foundation of a successful practitioner/client relationship. Remember that all Client Records are of a highly sensitive nature and must be kept in secure conditions. See Confidentiality information.

The aim of a successful consultation is to:
  • Make an assessment of the type of person you are working with.
  • Gain all the necessary medical history information.
  • Establish what your client is hoping to gain from Reflexology.
  • Use the above information to decide on how or when it is best to treat the client.
  • Devise a treatment plan.
  • Have a reference document for future occasions.
  • Keep within the code of ethics for professional practice.
  • Obtain their written permission to treat.

It is Perfect for:

  • Reflexologists
  • Students of Reflexology

Reflexology Initial Consultation Sheet - Completion Information

Download this reflexology client consultation information it's a detailed 12-page document full of great information.

It is ideal for practitioners and students in reflexology training courses and covers how to ask, what to put, with simple and easy instructions throughout. This is easy to read and highly informative12 page PDF that includes incredibly useful information on what questions to ask and how to ask them. It also includes why certain questions can provide key information and general advice about the usefulness and practicalities of the Initial Consultation Sheet.

Initial Consultation Sheet as used in Gentle Touch™ Reflexology and can be used as a guide for Reflexologists and students of Reflexology. Sometimes it can feel a bit daunting when faced with a new client and not knowing how to gather the right level of information whilst maintain a good rapport with the client. The aim of this document is to give you some very practical advice to make it easier, more flowing, and enjoyable.

The time that you have with your client when you complete the initial consultation is the most important time as it sets the scene for everything that comes ahead. If you get this right the treatment that you do afterward and any subsequent treatments are infinitely easier and more likely to gain a good result. However, if you mess it up and miss the golden time it can have a very detrimental effect on your relationship with your client and any future clients.


  • What to consider
  • Reasons for completing a form
  • How to ask the questions
  • Ways of developing and keeping a great rapport with your client
  • What certain questions can reveal
  •  Ways of asking about sensitive information
  •  Confidence boosting

If you want to know more about what is involved in Reflexology and making you a professional Reflexologist this will help you to add an extra edge to your practice.

This form is practical for you whether you are training or practicing in foot Reflexology, hand Reflexology, Reflexology in maternity or fertility. It’s ideal if you are training on a Reflexology course or working as a Reflexologist and conducting numerous Reflexology treatments.

Three months free subscription to the Sue Ricks Academy

The Academy is full of self-help and therapy training videos, audios, and articles that Sue has created based on her 30+ years of international experience. Sue shares her knowledge through her generous and warm style of communication with the aim to help as many people as possible during their complementary therapy journey.

Over on the Sue Ricks Academy is something for everyone, not just for those in the complementary therapy industry. There are lots of great tips and helpful information for parents and young mums to help develop their confidence. Sue also shares her top business tips along with helpful and enlightening videos and audios on mind and energy topics to help with anxiety, wellness, and self-care. 

Once we have received confirmation of your order you will receive an email from the Sue Ricks Academy within a day or two with your unique discount code to gain access to the Sue Ricks Academy for free for three months. In that email, there will also be a step by step guide on how to register and subscribe to the academy with your unique code and more information on how the Sue Ricks Academy works and what you will find on there.

When you become a member of the Sue Ricks Academy you will receive weekly update emails sharing what we have added that week to the Academy. We add new content every week and the Academy continues to grow.

As a member of the Sue Ricks Academy, you will also have the opportunity to receive special offers and discounts on Sue Ricks courses and products.