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Chakra Chart (Side view)

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A beautiful full colour A4 Chakra Chart from a side view perspective. It is perfect for Beginners, students or those working with Chakras.

Chakra Chart showing the locations of the seven major Chakras from the side view perspective

Each Chakra is identified and shows:-
  • Related Colour
  • Relevant Aspect and Importance,
  • The Endocrine Link
  • Chakra Location.

Chakra Chart A4

A beautifully illustrated chart making it easy to understand how Chakras work and their importance to our health and wellness.

A useful quick reminder of where the Chakras are and what they relate to.


It is Perfect for:-

  • Quick and Easy Reference.
  • Practitioners and Therapists reference
  • Issuing to Clients
  • Students Knowledge
Each Chakra is identified and shows it's location, what it relates to, associated colour and Endocrine Link.


28cm x 22cm - A4


A very useful visual aid to help learning the chakras easily. Colourful, so looks attractive in clinic room. / A beautifully finished visual aid which is very helpful indicating the colours of Chakras. Useful to refer to.

Nancy kennewell, Nottingham

A great chart. Very informative.