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This is something I have thoroughly enjoyed working on! It’s something I practice with all of my clients so it didn’t feel awkward at all!! Quite the opposite infact it has grown my knowledge of such things too! I start all my reflexology sessions with a lifestyle chat! I don’t ever force my views on anyone but instead try to be led by their understanding of things and we grow together from there! I am truly blessed to have incredible clients who are open to all areas of life and often seek advice! The law of attraction is my mantra and every day I thank the universe for my understanding of it!

I have worked things slightly differently when practicing delivering this helpful information! I particularly like your grounding techniques as have my clients!! The energy follows thought concept was particularly easy to explain and I’d say most of the clients and friends I’ve explained it to have given great feedback and understand fully the importance of a positive mindset in life in order to meet our full potential!

It was great having different techniques to use and for some they preferred them to their current techniques, though some seemed to stay with what they know which of course is fine! I explained the importance of finding what works for them personally and we are all so very different! The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the feedback and being able to talk in depth about the individual needs of each person and how to tweet accordingly!

I’ve not been privileged enough to work with a mum yet! But know the delivery will be fine as it’s something I know works and helps with absolutely everything in life! And I feel confident in my delivery.

A happy head gives a happy heart as we know and how beautiful that we are able to help by sharing.

Thanks, Sue for this amazing course! I’m truly loving it 

Love, light and blessings