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Hot Stone Reflexology - Online Course

I feel a deep connection with stones and love the feel of them. It is going to be great using them with my clients. So excited about it. Great course and it was so good to be able to dip in and out as the time presented itself. I was delighted to see you offering this training as I first came across you when you explained virtual reflexology, the idea really appealed to me and many of my clients. Thanks to you many of my clients were able to receive and benefit from distant reflexology throughout each of the lock downs. Thank you for enabling me to continue working with my clients at a time when they really needed help.
I was trained to use a firm pressure when giving reflexology and it has been refreshing to learn more about light touch reflexology. I am going to use light touch in areas of my treatments from now on as a way of introducing the benefits of lighter pressure. They always have chance to choose the level of my pressure but I haven't ever gone as light as you do.
Many thanks for the course, the virtual reflexology idea and for doing your courses in such a wonderful accessible way.