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Gentle Touchâ„¢ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop

Hi Sue, I wanted to catch up with you and just really say a massive thank you for how much you continue to positively affect my life.


Meeting you for my Gentle Touch reflexology training all those years ago and then recently having life coaching sessions with you has had a huge impact on me. What I have learnt from you and the work we have done together has taught me many amazing skills, helped me to deal with past trauma, overcome my recent fears and develop a whole range of strategies so I can cope with challenges as they come up. I now have increased understanding and insight into myself and feel equipped to face difficult situations or feelings. I am also stronger to help those around me when they have been having difficult times, which is very rewarding as I can make a positive difference to others.

I am so grateful to have met you and that you have been there for me when I have most needed it. 


Lots of love 


Tracey xx