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Gentle Touch Reflexology

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Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology is a beautiful, soothing and sought after treatment of Reflexology where a very light touch is applied to either your feet or hands.


Welcome to my information on Gentle Touch Reflexology. I am a specialist in Gentle touch reflexology and offer treatments to assist people of all ages to gain better health, lives and states of wellbeing.  I have been fortunate to witness the power and potential for so many and hope that it will be of service to you too. The scope of the treatment sessions are wide and in depth whilst using a beautiful gentle approach with Gentle Touch Reflexology. I combine a wealth of skills and knowledge to give you everything possible to assist you in the areas of you concern or intention to improve.

I have been in practice for a very long time and often bring together a range of specialist skills to help you with what you are seeking help for. Sometimes it is tailor made treatment, sometimes it is some health advice and other times we may discuss some life issues that are impacting on your health.  I will work with you on an individual basis and so we will work together towards assisting you to gain your desired results.

What is Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology?

Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology treatments are designed to enhance your own healing ability by using a specific gentle touch to your feet or hands.
Every area of your feet (or hands) has reflex points and these relate to all the areas and systems of your body. By working carefully and knowledgeably with these reflex points, it is possible to assist you, your body and emotional health towards even better health, comfort and ease.
I founded the name Gentle Touch Reflexology in 1994 to describe how the treatment is applied and experienced. I offer treatments in Loughborough and any other locations when I am teaching elsewhere. Please also see for more information.

It is perfect for:-

Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology works to support you in every way. It may aid you in a multitude of ways varying from giving you extra confidence and ability to stay calm and relaxed and all the benefits that this brings to your mind & body. 
  • Anyone who would like to have more joint or inner comfort and flexibility.
  • Those who are experiencing discomfort and wish to help themselves.
  • Anyone with poor health in general.
  • Someone suffering from feeling low or have low energy levels.
  • And so much more.

Also see Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies and Children

What benefits might a Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology treatment bring?

A very large percentage of clients report back that they have gained benefits from having had Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology treatments. 

Some of the benefits reported include:-
  • Increased sense of well being
  • The benefits of mind & body
  • Being relaxed & calm
  • More positive approach & outlook
  • Rebalancing & grounding
  • Feeling rested & refreshed
  • Increased desire to smile!

What happens during the Treatment/Consultation?

A treatment of Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology lasts for approximately one hour.

On your first visit I will make assessments on how is the best way to help you. In order to do this I will need to ask you some questions about your health, your life and current circumstances. Any information that I gain at this Initial Consultation Stage will help me to decide on what type of treatment to recommend for you & will of course remain entirely confidential.

After we have had a discussion about you and your reasons for coming to the clinic, we will explore where the best place is to start. When you are settled comfortably into a reclining chair I will use a very light oil or lotion to gently massage all areas of your feet. I will be feeling for small variations in your feet, skin and tissue. I will vary my treatment for you according to information gained and the observations of your feet (including shape, temperature, colour and general appearance).

The treatment feels like an extremely light, pleasurable and soothing foot massage & yet is highly effective too.

Some clients find the treatments so relaxing that they go to sleep, whilst others take the opportunity to talk. You will be given the opportunity to rest in the chair for a short while after the treatment to allow the healing to continue before you rush off to continue with your everyday life.

When is a good time to have a Reflexology Treatment?

  • Any time when you are feeling stressed
  • When you know it is possible to feel better
  • When your energy is low
  • When you need a boost
  • If you are coping with life change i.e. divorce, grief, children leaving home etc.
  • Feeling below par
  • Struggling in general
How do I arrange a Consultation?

Press the "Book now" button to choose your time slot or to buy a session that can be redeemed over the phone.