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Initial Consultation Sheet - Reiki

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Download this Reiki Initial Consultation sheet to use with your Clients. For professional Use only. *Restricted Use – see ‘Important Information’ below.
An initial Consultation sheet that will take you through a series of questions that will help you to get an idea of what may be happening with and to your client. 

A good initial consultation is invaluable as it is the foundation of a successful practitioner/client relationship. Remember that all Client Records are of a highly sensitive nature and must be kept in secure conditions. See Confidentiality Information

The aim of a successful consultation is to:
  • Make an assessment of the type of person you are working with.
  • Gain all the necessary medical history information.
  • Establish what your client is hoping to gain from Reflexology.
  • Use the above information to decide on how or when it is best to treat the client.
  • Devise a treatment plan.
  • Have a reference document for future occasions.
  • Keep within the code of ethics for professional practice.
  • Obtain their written permission to treat.

It is Perfect for:-

  • Reiki Practitioners.
  • Students of Reiki.

Product Details

Two Pages.

Important Information

Further Information - For full training on how to make the best use of this form and how to take a full Initial Consultation, see Reiki Courses.

* You must be fully qualified and insured in Reiki before you can start any treatments. Or you must be a student with a professional training school and undertaking practice treatments as part of your course and case study work.

No responsibility can be accepted for any use, mis-use or other actions relating to this Sheet.