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Hand Reflexology Chart

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Easy Reference Hand Reflexology Chart in Full Colour showing detailed information on Reflex points.

A beautiful, colourful and well-defined chart showing the Reflexology points for both right and left hands. This poster is ideal as a guide to where all the reflex points can be found on the hand.
  • Each hand is shown with both the palmar and dorsal aspects (palm up and down) in order to show the reflex points for both views of the hands.
  • The charts also show how the areas of the body and hands relate to the chakras and energy systems.

It is Perfect for:-

  • Quick and easy reference.
  • Perfect for Salon or Clinic display
  • A reminder of where the Reflex points can be found on the hands.
  • Students Knowledge


59cm x 42cm - A2
42cm x 29cm - A3
28cm x 22cm - A4


Very Detailed
Sue's charts are very detailed, the color and graphics are great and provide good reference points.  I have them hanging up in my office for my reference, as well as, my clients.
Deborah Hitt, Columbus, Ohio
Cinderella of the Reflexology World

Ah, hand reflexology, what would I do without it ? Often the Cinderella of the reflexology world but we all know great things what happened to her !

I have used Sues' Hand Reflexology chart to help me learn how to deliver a healing reflexology treatment in the following scenarios

For first aid – a little attention to the hands following an injury, upset or to tackle head tension goes along way. I've dished out hand reflexology on camp sites, in offices, in A&E, in the beer garden of the pub to name but a few to people of all ages. It really has an amazing effect on the recipient.

For self treatment – getting at your own feet can be a challenge however working your own hands is easy and effective, remember Healer- Heal Thyself !

For taster sessions – the only drawback with offering Hand Reflexology tasters when you are out and about is that demand will outstrip supply. The last time I did this I was at it for 4 hours solid !

Most people don't know that hand reflexology is an option and are not only delighted that they don't have take take off their shoes in public but are really intrigued. They are even more delighted and intrigued when they experience the effects from what appears to be a hand massage.

For empowering clients to help themselves – using the chart it is easy to devise and demonstrate simple routines for your clients to try themselves.

For teaching children how to ease "a poorly tooth" – this one always goes down a storm when those first baby teeth start falling out. It's all a bit scary and it hurts – showing children how to work the reflexes on their pollux (I usually refer to it as a thumb !) and fingers not only eases the nervousness they are feeling but reduces the pain. Children are naturals at Reflexology and usually go and show their mates what they can do.

And finally.... possibly the most surprising use for Sues' Hand Reflexology Chart is 'Reflex Bingo' devised by the ladies at the Eye Department of the local hospital at a pamper party they organised.

They were so intrigued about feeling sensations in various parts of their body that those having treatments gave the chart to a friend and called out where they could feel sensations on their body, the friend would look at what I was doing, match it to the chart and confirm that yes that area of the hand has the reflex point for that part of the body.

Hope you have as much fun with yours as I do with mine – I love it so much I've had it laminated !

Louise Walters GTR MAR   Leicester UK
Presents a Professional Image
Similar to the foot chart the hand chart also presents a professional image when placed in a surgery or treatment room. It is also very useful as an educational visual image if giving talks to small groups on reflexology.
Gill Wright  Leicestershire UK