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Foot Reading Chart

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A full-colour A4 Foot Reading Chart for professional and personal use. Fascinating subject information.

Each chart shows the five sections relating to Foot Reading as shown over a photograph of the feet. 
  • Beautiful full-colour chart showing the Foot Reading sections for right and left feet
  • There are two views showing both the vertical and horizontal zones.
  • A useful quick reminder of where the Foot Reading sections are located.
A fully illustrated chart making it easy to understand how Foot Reading relates to people and their lives.
A useful quick reminder of where the sections are and what they relate to.

It is Perfect for:-

  • Quick and Easy Reference.
  • Practitioners and Therapists reference
  • Issuing to Clients
  • Students Knowledge
  • Each area is identified and shows its relationship to the person and their life


28cm x 22cm - A4


Very Detailed
Sue's charts are very detailed, the color and graphics are great and provide good reference points.  I have them hanging up in my office for my reference, as well as, my clients.