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VITAL Foot and Leg Lotion - NOT AVAILABLE until we re open

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VITAL Lotion is wonderful for both your feet and legs (and all over body care too).   A luxurious and fabulous item.

This lotion deeply moisturises and helps towards keeping your skin in it perfect condition. It smells divine and I use it every day. Everyone who feels and smells it seems to adore it.

This is the first bottle that I picked up when I was wandering round a tiny place in the Sedona, Arizona.  What a magical place Sedona is - so energetic and feels so connected.  I picked up this lotion and immediately fell in love with it.  I found it in 2014 and I still adore it now. This is a super popular item. As soon as you get a waft of the scents in it is just beautiful and feels amazing too.

The lotion is chakra intentioned too for the base (root) chakra. You can use it for your legs and feet however it is also great as an all over body lotion. It's connection to the base chakra means that it is helpful with grounding connecting.  It is also a delightfully smooth and luscious lotion.

It is an organic mix of essentials including rosemary, cypress, ginger, geranium and calendula. The combination is just gorgeous and the feedback I get is great!

I use it both personally and for an excellent lotion to combine with our Gentle Touch Reflexology on its own or with Peach Kernel oil.

it smells heavenly!  A great gift for yourself or a loved one.