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Painmaster - Micro Current Therapy Patch

Effective Micro Current Therapy (MCT) Patch 

Painmaster is a revolutionary Micro Current Therapy (MCT) Patch that is drug free, non-invasive and proven to control pain and promote healing.

Painmaster is patented and approved by the American FDA.

  • Painmaster conveniently goes everywhere you go, for day after day effective treatment. The Painmaster Patch can be worn under clothing and during everyday activities, sports or exercise 
  • Easy application takes just a few seconds
  • Helpful in targeting multiple areas of pain and releasing muscle tension
  • Internal power supply allows up to 300 continuous hours of use without side effects

Painmaster relies on pulsating currents that are below perceptible levels and are finely tuned to match the body's own electrical exchanges.
These currents flow through the affected tissue from one patch to the other, helping to stimulate natural healing processes like production of ATP *), protein synthesis, oxygenation, nutrient absorption and more.
Micro Current Therapy, commonly referred to as MENs (Micro current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation), begins with small, pulsating currents of electricity. These currents are finely tuned to the level of the normal electrical exchanges which take place at the body's cellular level. Being more biologically compatible, these currents can penetrate the cell as opposed to passing over it as other stimulation devices do


"I gave the Painmaster patch to two friends of mine. One has recurrent back pain and the other osteoarthritis of one knee. Both were very impressed by the pain relief occurring within hours of applying the patches, and being able to just stick it on and forget about it throughout the day ..... also non-drug, therefore no side effects!"  

Dr. Chris Steele MBE, T.V. doctor


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