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Magic Minerals - Gently Benefit

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Magic Minerals

Sizzling Plant Derived Minerals

I call these magic minerals - because they seem so to me with what I've wtinessed, heard and seen!

100% Natural. Nature's foundation for optimum health.

We all need our basic requirements filled first before everything else can function and that seems to me to be minerals! One of my reflexology students told me about thses amazing minerals. All minerals are not the same and these are of such high quality and I have seen the results with my own family, friends and clients. The range of things they seem to help with is huge. Everyone can benefit from finding out more.

If the mineral is not in the ground then the plant cannot excract it!

There is a good video at that you can watch the about these amazing products.

I spoke to the man who created this british company and heard all about his personal journey from the results of a serious accident (he was hit by a london bus whilst training to be a BA pilot).He researched in hospital what would be optimunm for his health and realised that the minerals were essential to total health. After his accident he could no longer train to be a pilot and went into other work in London but carried on taking and sourcing the best minerals possible for his own health. He eventually sold his business and decided to create company that let other people know about what had helped him and now is helping others too.  What most peole don't realise is that we cannot even get our essential vitamins from food or supplements if we do no thave the right minerals on board.

There are some really interesting testimonials here (I'll add more of my own over time)

Minersls are essential for our mental health and brain function too. One of my close contacts has found it quite incredible in the change that she has noticed. Since she has been taking the Sizzling minerals she has found that they have made a profound difference to her. She was finding it tough to remember all the varied parts of her detailed job, she was feeling over whelmed and could not remeber if everything was done coretcly so she specnt hours checking herslf to ensure her very responsble position was done corectly. Since takng the minerals she has been promoted, found she has to work less hours at its eaier to know shes done everything. She is now in charge of others jobs as well and I feel I have a new friend as she has gained so much internal power it's very impressive.

Read more here about maintaining brain health

I have had personal benefits myself and like all of the flavours!  They do Orange / Cherry / Lime / Natural.  Its one wafer a day or more if you are unsure of your levels of mineral depletion. I choose to take one day and throughly enjoy my daily minerals. I do one at night and one on waking. You drop one into a glass of water and so its also a useful way to get an extr glass of water!

Mnay of my students alos have met my cat Jet who had an incredble reslut with the minerals. the results astonised me!  You can get minerals for pets from here. 

You go to the left hand tab, choose Other minerals - three optiosn come up and choose the one on the right hand side called powdered minerals. Accordring to Peter Willoughby of Simply Naturals the doseage is calculated on weight One of the scoops of the powdered minerals per 100kg of body weight. Therefore a 1/4 scoop for a large dog like a labrador or german shepherd dog. An eighth scop for smller dogs.  A cat is about the size of a grain or rice. jet is a small cat and has a tiny weeny pinch that i put on a satchet of pet yogurt or fish.  She was different from day one and the difference was fabulous within 24 hours!  Everyone notices and comments! 

My friend is a dog walker and met a lady whose dog was sadly aboutt be ut dwon and after talking the minerals she is transofred too.

I wonder how many people or animals are not ill but minerally deficient?

I get my minerals on Autoship so they come every month without me having to remember!  I take them away with me and love them!

Ive seen them help so many people over time that Im glad to have found them. My 85 year old dad takes them, our family take them and so do lots of my contacts and so I've seen super results and hope they help others too!

To get yours go here