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DVD 2 - Gentle Touch™ Reflexology Advanced Techniques

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This DVD includes a great selection of Optional Extras that can be used to enhance Reflexology and also Gentle Touch Reflexology practical routines.

The DVD contains 16 different techniques that allow you to choose the most appropriate techniques for each client. You can choose to add any of the techniques shown to your existing method of using reflexology.


There are 16 techniques on this DVD and these include:
  • Energy Cap
  • Triple Balancer
  • Peace Point
  • Infinity
  • Spinal Relaxator
  • Bowel Sweep

This DVD aims to provide clear, concise and easy to follow tuition. It is a high quality, professional teaching DVD.

The content follows the close hand and finger images of the treatment in progress. The tuition is provided via close up demonstrations and Sue’s personal one to one approach as she speaks to the viewer.

This DVD will only work on DVD players in Europe, however, it will work on computers worldwide.

Run Time - 61 minutes

Gentle Touch Reflexology - Advanced Reflexoology Techniques DVD 2


Gentle Touch™ Reflexology is taught by approved Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology trainers. For more information on approved trainers please email