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5 Essentials Chart

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Chart Information

This is a beautiful chart that shows the locations of the 5 essential (key) areas in the foot in Gentle Touch Reflexology. These locations and areas are the locations that make the biggest differences and can be used to add to existing or new knowledge in Reflexology

The 5 essential reflex points are shown in colour over a full grey foot reflex chart, making it easy to read and understand.

These reflex locations were designated by Sue Ricks (founder of Gentle Touch Reflexology) after decades of work, teaching and lecturing in Gentle Touch Reflexology.

These five locations (Five Essentials) are shown clearly on this chart and make life, learning and focus much easier in the field of Reflexology.

The simplest is often the best!

PLEASE NOTE - This chart is one of the charts that is found in my complete pack of eight different and helpful charts.

The eight charts come on one sealed pack - See 8 chart pack

This order is for ONE chart


28cm x 22cm = A4