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DVD 1 - Gentle Touch Reflexology

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This DVD contains 1½ hours of detailed tuition on Gentle Touch™ Reflexology by Sue Ricks. Very informative and beautiful to watch.

This is a highly professional Practical Technique Training DVD.

This DVD is created for you to see the joys and potential of Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology. If you would like to see what it is really like and get an idea of what it is like to do and receive, then this DVD is designed for you.
Content includes:
  • Introduction to Gentle Touch™ Reflexology
  • Set up treatment and advice
  • Full practical treatment routines
  • Advice on practical issues
  • Further information

This DVD aims to provide you with clear, concise and easy to follow tuition. It is a high quality, professional teaching DVD that had been produced by a gifted team. The content follows the close hand and finger images of the treatment in progress. The tuition is provided via close up demonstrations and Sue’s personal one to one approach as she speaks to you (the viewer). It covers all of the factors required to be able to gain an understanding of what Gentle Touch™ Reflexology is and how it is used.

You can watch the treatment routine from the beginning to the conclusion of the client’s treatment. 

This DVD is for personal use, namely Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and for demonstration purposes with clients. This DVD is also a training aid for approved Gentle Touch™ Reflexology trainers.
This DVD will only work on DVD players in Europe, however, it will work on computers worldwide.
Run Time - 89 minutes


"I lurve this dvd. I feel so good when I do this. I used it on my client and she said its so different and felt fantastic"

Great Aid
Wish this had been available when I was learning! Such a great aid to have for the student to reconfirm lessons and hand positions. When learning it seems so much to take on board and if you’ve not made notes or acquired the skill in the session it would have been great to have had a visual aid to go over what you’d been taught in detail to give you more confidence in yourself.

As someone that has seen this long after training I still found it refreshing to remind me of the correct positioning and ensure a full balanced treatment is given.

Jayne Thompson Nottingham UK

Essential Tool for All Students
This DVD is an essential tool for all students of Gentle Touchtm Reflexology. It can be used alongside home study course work, and is particularly useful as a reminder and confidence booster if played whilst treating client case studies.
Gill Wright Leicestershire

An Invaluable Aid to Anyone Learning or Practising Reflexology.
This is an invaluable aid to anyone learning or practising Reflexology. Sue covers all the reflex points in detail and at a leisurely pace. Her approach to her client and the art of Reflexology itself are both inspiring and confidence giving.
Alex Gutteridge Leicester


Gentle Touch™ Reflexology is taught by approved Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology trainers. For more information on approved trainers please email

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