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Energy Healing (including Chakra Balancing and past experience healing via the feet) ONE to ONE - 2 days

Availability: One to One
Course Length: 2 days

Learn more about Energy, Chakras and the Feet. Discover the amazing effects of working vibrationally.

Also see the One Day Option... Click here for more info

What is an Energy and Vibrational Healing Workshop?

This 2 days One to One personalised course is designed to take your current level of knowledge and skill in Reflexology to even higher levels. You will learn how to use the lightest and "silent" touch to allow immense self-healing to take place. You will be linking reflex points, balancing chakras on the feet and via the feet.

Learn how to work in the aura whilst directing energy to specific locations and to assist in creating harmony within the client.

It is Perfect for:-

  • Reflexologists who want to work vibrationally.
  • Any practitioners working with clients with past trauma.
  • Those who work with energies and want to know how to apply these to the connections available through the feet
  • All reflexologists!!

What will I Learn?

This enormously popular workshop really comes alive throughout the days with participants finding they can achieve more than they first thought. This is a fascinating skill that extends into all areas of reflexology. The results are very rewarding. Detailed practical sessions are an essential part of the day.
You will learn about Chakras, be shown how to balance the Chakras via touch on the feet.
You will learn about how the Chakras and Energy Systems can be affected via the feet.Energy balancing through the feet
Learn techniques designed to assist people to release past events. Experience practical self help tips plus how to help and assist your clients. A very valuable addition to any practice.
The Course includes:-
  • Auras
  • Chakras
  • Energy Fields
  • Time Healing
  • Past Trauma Relief
  • Linking
  • Colours
  • Physical Ailment Cleansing
  • Vibrations
  • Self Awareness
A course to remember! A course that defies easy explanation - it has to be experienced to be appreciated to the full!
You will be provided with notes to support this course. These notes will be available to you on after the course.

Where will the Course be Held?

The Energy and Vibrational Healing Courses are currently held in Loughborough, Leicestershire (UK) or there is the option to do this course via a Skype or Zoom call.

If you would like to complete this course via a Skype or Zoom call please send an email to to arrange a suitable date and time

If you would like to do this course as a one day option please click on the following link

How Many AoR CPD Points Can I Earn?

This course qualifies for 12 AoR CPD points.



"As always, another beautiful and inspirational course, given with such passion ands love." Louise Gramalia October 2019

"An eye opening and life altering experience”

Kath Marsh
"I have always known that there was more to my reflexology and now I know so much more about things that I can do to make a real difference”
Chris B

“Energy work is so exciting and rewarding. My clients certainly notice and appreciate the benefits.”

Barbara H
"The energy workshop was extremely fascinating. It covers various techniques that enable you to incorporate energy healing into your normal reflexology routine. I use these techniques on most of my clients, who have all benefited. I feel it gives me that extra something that is sometimes needed to help the client re-balance him or herself.  A great way to spend the day, getting lots from it not only for your clients but on a personal level too."
 Di S
“The tuition was well presented and I found I really grasped the energetic side of reflexology this time. The practical work was amazing! I got a real result myself and I do not usually feel things!”
Claire M

“I can’t wait to try it out on my clients. I think they are going to love it.” 

“The day was a thoroughly enjoyable way of topping up on my own energy levels as well as learning new ways to look at the whole concept of energy.  It taught me ways of understanding my own energy as well as that which is all around us plus most usefully other peoples’ energy.  A life enriching experience.”