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Gentle Touch Reflexology 2-Day Class - Seattle, USA Adults, Babies, Children & Specialized Techniques

Not Available Right Now

Venue to be announced soon. 


This 2-Day class gives you the opportunity to learn the popular and very gentle approach to Reflexology. The workshop is specifically designed for those who are interested or training in reflexology or who have an existing qualification in Reflexology. It is ideal for those who would like to use a gentle touch or who find that doing reflexology treatments can be uncomfortable. The course will be covering techniques that are ideal for all and can be useful in treating Adults, Babies, Children because we will be covering a number of   specialized techniques"?  This course will provide you with a lifelong skill. This course is a two-day class with additional access to on line prior and post learning to allow more time to take in all the content and information. You will see below that we cover a great deal in the course

It is Perfect for:-

  •     Anyone who wants to add this to their existing skills and techniques
  •     A great way to find out if you like Reflexology and may want to know or train more in the future
  •     It is a great revision and boost to anyone wishing to polish up old or rusty routines.
  •     Any practitioner who unfortunately finds reflexology draining or uncomfortable
  •     Reflexologists who currently use a heavier pressure.
  •     Reflexologists who wish to update and upgrade their skills.
  •     Anyone who wants a range of skills to be better equipped to work with children and people who need specialized techniques
  •     Anyone who wants to really get a fresh insight into the world of reflexology and it's potential by using a vibrational and energetic approach
  •     reflexologists aiming to bring in a more energetic or vibrational approach to their treatment as well as adding practical skills

Is this Course Suitable for Me?

  • Have you taken a break or been away from reflexology for some time?
  • Are you interested on knowing more about Reflexology and using the Gentle Touch techniques
  • Do you find giving reflexology treatments painful? Does your thumb or arm/neck hurt after doing a number of treatments?
  • Do you need a rest after doing a couple of treatments?
  • Do you feel out of touch with the latest developments and would like to update your skills?
  • If you want to find out more about using Gentle Touch Reflexology in Oncology care
  • You want to discover how the gentle and caring approach of GTR is beneficial in the treatment for vulnerable patients
  • Would you like to have fun with reflexology and find out if it is possible to enjoy reflexology even more?
  • Do you like to be kind and caring to people and help people without causing pain?
  • Would you like to know how to get great results with the lightest of touch?
  • Would you like to learn more about how Gentle Touch™ Reflexology works and how you can build a professional career?
  • Would you like to know about the research we have done?

What will I Learn?

You will learn the philosophy behind the Gentle Touch Reflexology (GTR) technique as well as the practical treatment techniques and routines. In working with Sue Ricks you will get to share her experience of the power and potential of this technique.

This subtle method of working allows practitioners to develop a lifelong skill that supports both the client and practitioner. The treatment is soothing to the recipient and light in application. Many who have experienced discomfort in either receiving or giving a reflexology treatment find this technique a delightful enhancement to their existing skills.

Gentle Touch™ Reflexology is an up to date vibrational approach to reflexology that uses a wonderful gentleness of touch, whilst allowing the body to achieve its highest potential. By the end of this 2-Day class you will have experienced the Gentle Touch Reflexology techniques, learnt the treatment applications, routines and optional enhancements. You will also have a better understanding of how and why this method of treatment is so effective and popular.  This method of reflexology is excellent for working with people in all states of health from prime athletes to those in poor health, adults, babies and children too.


This class involves many diverse and essential subjects to and including

  • The theory behind how and why GTR works
  • A simple and highly effective way of treating and offernin sesisons of Gentle Touch Reflexology
  • Practical skills, techniques and ways to self care while treating.
  • Your simple role as a practitioner
  • Energy, chakra and the vibrational approach to reflexology
  • The meanings behind certain illnesses and disease states
  • The metaphysical understanding of parts of the body

Class Credits

Class credits aew applicable with SRMC, ARCB & WA LMT's

Sue Ricks

Sue Ricks is an expert in her field and has been using and developing this method since 1994. You will have the opportunity to learn, from her experience and gain practical skills, and add this knowledge to all your existing awareness and experience.