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How to help people overcome a foot phobia

Availability: One to One
Course Length: Half a Day


So many people have issues with their feet and this course is designed for complementary practitioners who want to people who have foot phobias. Frequently a client or individual has some need but can't even bear the thought of someone touching their feet.

The course will take you through what to do, how to handle the situation and the emotions including fear that may arise from the person wanting your help, treatment or care.

So many people have a requirement to work with people and their feet. It's very difficult when you can't touch the persons feet due to a foot phobia.

This could be because they've had a bad experience or mentally have reason to be fearful of anyone touching their feet.

Sue will show you exactly what to do and to help fellow professionals work with people who have various levels of phobias related to having their feet touched.

This course has come about as a result of some close friends of Sue who wanted some reflexology and knew that the Gentle Touch Reflexology treatments offered by Sue were highly effective but couldn't request them as they couldn't cope with anyone going anywhere near their feet.

That first reaching out for help was pivotal for both Sue as practitioner and her friends. This course is the result of that first time and numerous other times when it's been extraordinarily helpful.

Working with Sue means that you get one to one attention and will be given the techniques required to help people overcome their foot phobias or help them to cope with touch.

The video above shows one example if how much one lady enjoyed the while process and the difference it made to her. The benefits of being able to be released from times if trauma, bad memories or experiences is wonderful. In the training Sue explains why these issues occur and which techniques are most suitable to the most common issues experienced by people with feet phobias.

It is such a rewarding experience to be able to help someone who was denied a therapy due to a foot phobia holding them back. The results of this course is life changing for some. It's easy to learn and highly effective when followed precisely.

Sue Ricks has been helping people through her position, practice and lecturing for over 30 years. Sue is an author, international lecturer and presenter.