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Thought of the day - 30 days of making each day better

Availability: Internationally
Course Length: 30 Videos

This fabulous online video series comes with a 50% discount on your first month's subscription to the Sue Ricks Academy, should you wish to join. Your discount code can be found within your video content.

Making each day even better.

Enjoy a short video of life-enriching thoughts for the day with Sue Ricks.

Quick fixes and how to focus your thoughts on things that really make a difference, You can follow the thirty-day plan or pick one according to what is going on with your life at the time.

Many things we know and some are new and it is always great to stay focused on things that help with these gentle reminders from Sue.

The content includes 30 short videos (approx 1-3 minutes) for you to keep in mind and do each day.

At the end of the 30-day plan, you will have addressed so many life issues and be well set up to carry these on.

When you are ready for change, change happens.

Change your thoughts and your life changes.

Energy Follows Thought, and here is how to make helpful choices or actions.

Sue has over 30+ years of experience in healing, helping and assisting people towards life. These really work and make such a difference.

Message from Sue.

"I do these myself, so now you can too. It is just two minutes a der per video and then watch and feel the changes it makes for you. Loving life and living."

Added Optional Extra.

It is my time to be my package.

It is time... time to be me... getting in touch with your true self with Sue Ricks.

As an added extra you can enjoy a one-hour One-to-One session via Zoom or Skype with Sue to discuss the videos and learn more! Plus the added bonus of 4 essential extra training videos that are literally life-changing.

This is your chance to work with an international thought leader to release your true self. Thinking and hoping it will all be okay can easily move up to a new vibration and life of being who you are meant to be. It is time to release your inner potential, move on from life's previous limitations and bring your own special gifts to the world.

Do you worry about offending others and know that kindness is key?

Do you know you have more to give?

Do you feel now is the time to move up a gear?

So if it is your time and you are ready to make changes and know it can be done but you don't know how, let's go through some wonderful aspects of life, remove those blocks and step up and step forward in your own true path,

The One-to-One session gives you a chance to work personally with Sue who has over 30 years experience of helping people, problem-solving and releasing life limitations to free up your potential.

Life is for living, loving and enjoying. Making the best of what is.

Letting go of past stuff.

Releasing your potential.

Bringing you and light to others who benefit too.

"It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us"

To arrange a One-to-One session, please send and email to

Recent Comments following the Thought of the Day...

"I like your way of thinking Sue!

....Lovely to hear your voice again Sue......

you still have the same great, generous and encouraging energy."