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Cancer & Palliative Care - Norfolk

No longer Available

This course is being held at:

Jackie Hamilton School of Therapies

Melbourne House

Arminghall Close




A one day course in using Gentle Touch Reflexology to help assist people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

There is a huge amount of information, beliefs and approaches around supporting those diagnosed with cancer. This course aims to highlight some incredibly useful and accessible techniques and approaches that under pin a successful relationship and help for those needing assistance through reflexology

The course covers the emotional, theoretical and practical factors

Subjects covered include:

  • Essential concepts around working with people diagnosed with cancer
  • Facts and myths
  • Supporting carers
  • Health and wellness concepts
  • Practical, theoretical and safety information
  • Working in a clinical environment
  • Reflexology at home
  • Different approaches to stages of the journey
  • Building confidence and knowledge
  • Real life experiences
  • Approaches used in cancer and palliative care
  • Understanding the emotional and energetic implications


Sue Ricks has a great deal of personal experience of working to support people diagnosed with cancer through her clinical role, working with friends and family experiencing the life challenges of cancer plus her work in children’s hospitals

The course draws on the aspects of care that have provided personal and professional care for all those wishing to help people at all stages of their disease including:

  • Coping with diagnosis
  • Health advice for the person and other family members
  • What really makes a difference if there is a progression of the disease
  • Palliative/terminal care


The techniques used will be specific Gentle Touch Reflexology techniques for students to watch in demonstration and then undertake during supervised practice sessions.

All attendees will receive a certificate that can be used for continuing professional development (CPD)


Thank you for such an informative & interesting course – right from the first point of contact through to delivery of the course I have been very impressed. Sue is truly inspiring person and it feels a privilege to have spent the day with her

Kate, Hereford

Just to say that the course was incredibly interesting, thought provoking and educational. It was wonderful to meet Sue and spend the day with her. Sue has so much knowledge to impart and it was all so fascinating. The day was relaxed but well paced and it was easy to keep up with every detail. I felt that I learned so much in such a short space of time. , I've already had some amazing results using the techniques Sue showed us on the course and I am thrilled to be able to join her on the 3 day course. I just know it's going to be life and approach-to-work changing and I think my clients are going to be blown away.

Yvette, Wiltshire

I always enjoy  doing a  course in Sue's  home which has a serene atmosphere, relaxing and more personable than any hotel conference room and also allows for small groups  providing an environment in which I prefer to learn. It was interesting to listen to Sue's experiences and pass on her knowledge.  I left learning some new techniques to include in a reflexology session ,but importantly to me, more confidence  when meeting a client  with life challenging illness. I also like the fact that Sue relates her work to energy too ,not all reflexologists  do.