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A day in the life of a Reflexologist

Written: 5th Feb 2012

A typical day- could this be you?

I love my job as a Reflexologist.  I never have two days that are the same. My day starts at about 9am with my first client or a session in my office to catch up with paperwork and phone calls.  I like to set up my clinic room with a quick check that it is tidy and has my oil and a fresh stock of clean fluffy towels.  I put on my soft lights and salt lamps and spend a few quiet moments contemplating the day and preparing myself to treat. I place my clinic cards with details of my clients in my office (out of view of the clients) and get my choice of jacket or outfit for the day.

I always look forward to the day as I know that I will spend time with some great people and that I will learn something today.  It is such a rewarding life being a Gentle Touch Reflexologist ( I know that there are loads of people who dread going to work and I appreciate and acknowledge how lucky I am to love my job.  It is a wonderful career and I feel privileged to have found something that is just “me” and gives me chance to enjoy spending time with people who want to make a difference for themselves.  I know that some treatments will be easier than others and also I will find some more challenging than others.  Some of my clients teach me more than they can know and I am grateful for that.  Some clients stretch my knowledge and skills and give me chance to grow and expand myself and knowledge of people and therapies.

I love gaining knowledge and learning new skills and techniques.  It is very rewarding when I get chance to use and share these skills or techniques with a client and it makes a difference to them. I love to see them lighten up and smile or grin.  When I see a client’s eyes shine it is such a lovely feeling.

I arrange my appointments on the hour with an hour for lunch.  This works well for me as I have my clinic room in my home and it is set up in the room that was originally designated as my dining room.  The clients come to my front door and sit in the open plan lounge that is next to the front door.  This arrangement works very well as the rest of my house (including upstairs) is our own family space.

I usually see about five to seven clients a day with a break for lunch in the middle of the day.  This hour is really valuable to relax or catch up with any phone messages and write up client treatment cards.  It is also the time that I can choose to allocate if there is a client who wants an emergency appointment.  Some days I leave two gaps in between clients so that I can get my calls, emails and notes done and have a switch off/ relax time too.  I fortunately have a beautiful garden that I find rejuvenates me and acts as a balancer for me. I will often go outside for few minutes if the need arises. I find that appreciating nature is a beautiful energiser and prepares me for working with the natural energies of my client.

During a typical day I will see men, women, and children (including babies).  Some who are really well and some who are quite unwell.  All of these provide their own joys or challenges.  Sometimes clients talk about happy subjects and it is lovely to share their enthusiasm or memories of holidays etc.  Some clients may talk about things that may remind me of difficult times in my past and I find it good to remember why I love this job and what I enjoy working with people. I find it tough at times but would never wish to change a thing. Whatever happens during a treatment I know that I learn and grow.  I choose to think about the three steps routine that I personally use and share with clients to help them cope with anything.

Over the last 20+ years I have witnessed some amazing moments & met some wonderful people. One lady has now become one of my very best friends and is the star of the Gentle Touch Reflexology training DVDs. I have also worked with clients who have faced horrible times and very challenging situations and felt honoured to have been allowed to support and assist them during these times.

Knowing that Gentle Touch Reflexology™ may have supported them is also a help for me too, as I remember the power of the therapy. We can never expect or promise any results however I choose to keep my mind open to possibilities and remember what has happened and what I have witnessed  throughout my career.

It is good to keep this in mind as I know that the client has received the treatment that I have given to the best of my ability and neither of us know what will happen but we will soon find out!  I keep my fingers crossed that they get a result that helps them and that they are pleased with!  Sometimes they are and sometime they are not.  That is what makes the variety of the day and adds to the enjoyment of the day too.  Every good result is worth waiting for and one that both the client and I can be glad about. I always feel grateful that the client came and took action to have treatment.  It would be dull life if no one took action and brought themselves for treatment!

I never know what I will encounter on any given day but I do know that I will have felt privileged and grateful for this wonderful path at the end of the day.  I meet such great people and learn about how people work, discover more about how our bodies, mind and emotions work.  It seems to be a win/win situation.  Just about everyone benefits from the fact that treatments are available.

Not everyone likes reflexology.  Some have heard that it hurts or maybe they could not bear anyone to touch their feet. I am lucky that the type of reflexology that I practice (Gentle Touch Reflexology™) allows me to be “me”.  I am a sensitive soul and feel “moved” by lots of things and can allow my ability to “sense” to grow and pick up things as I go.  I love to introduce people to reflexology who have never tried it before or who have reservations about it.  There is no need for anyone to like it or approve of it; however it is good for people to give it a try.  Maybe it will assist them or maybe it is not right for everyone.  It does not matter as it will suit those that it is right for and we are all different.

My typical day can encompass any of these and many more besides!  I know that each day is unique and each and every day is rewarding.  Any day can be a great day where we see or hear about wonderful things happening. Any day can be a client’s first step into their journey into reflexology and any day could be that day that I first meet someone who becomes a new friend.

When I finish the day I enjoy reviewing it as I finish writing up my treatment notes, entering payments and making any notes of anything that I need to remember or follow up for the client. If there has been any significant emotional release I will smudge the room and be thankful for the effectiveness of Gentle Touch Reflexology in helping people to move on and let go of hang-ups, limitations and emotional baggage.   It’s great that it helps on various levels.

It is a pleasant feeling to close the room down and switch off everything and know that there maybe benefits that are still going on for the clients who have been with me during the day.  Some will be feeling better, some will be dealing with their lives in a better way, some will be resting and allowing their body to relax and some will be enjoying their lives in new way.  So many clients report that they feel great after treatments and it is lovely to think about that as I take all the towels through to wash and prepare for the following day.

I feel very lucky to be doing some thing so enjoyable, rewarding and that is also growing in popularity.  It is a highly professional career that is now taken seriously and we can do it seriously and yet also have great fun.  We often have lots of laughter in the clinic room as life can be funny.  Giggles and laughter is music for the soul and I personally love to laugh with clients when the time is right.

Every day I learn and discover new things about me and my clients, grow my business, have fun and help lots of people.  What a lovely way to live and work!


Sue Ricks


Gentle Touch Reflexologist™

Principal Sue Ricks School of Complementary Therapies

+44 (0) 1509 214373