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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Written: 18th Mar 2011

A new start and a new you?  We all make decisions in life and sometimes we follow through and get them done or live the way we have planned, but all too often those dreams that we have of our lives keep being just out of reach and become annoying!  Have you ever wanted to change something in your life and not known why you have not done anything really constructive about it? NLP could be your answer!

Some clients choose NLP to overcome fears or limiting attitudes i.e. being nervous of speaking out at meetings or within the family, some people would love to go abroad but are frightened of flying or going on boats.  Others use NLP to enhance their confidence, as it is great for overcoming limiting attitudes.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is excellent at finding out what “programmes” you are running on and finding creative ways to use all your current skills in a way that works even better for you. You can choose what you wish to address and then work with a practitioner to find a better way forward.

NLP is also used extensively in business to create achievable goals. Have you ever written or thought about achieving something and then come up with all the reasons or excuses why it did not happen?  Maybe you had a subconscious rule about how you cannot have what you want or some other ‘hidden trap that causes you to sabotage getting what you desire. In other words you thought you wanted something but a deeper more powerful “self protection” programme was running.


Emily wanted to go out and promote her business and had all her literature designed and printed, she did all her cash flow projections and knew what her targets were, she planned her launch campaign and knew she only needed to speak to three potential customers a week to achieve her dreams.  The only problem was that every time she went to talk about the business/service that she was offering, she dried up and could not speak!  Everything fell apart until she found the solution through NLP.

It may be surprising that NLP can be quick, easy and can also be fun to do.  It may involve finding your strengths and transferring those skills and strengths to other previously weak areas in your life. It may also involve something that almost feels like play time but that gets great results as you step in and out of different ideas and “try” on other ways of living to see what suits you best.

The experience of having an NLP session is unique as we all live life uniquely and we all approach life in the best way possible, even though we know that we sometimes get it wrong!  Everyone does what is right for him or her, however sometimes we may want to do things differently and not know how to make that switch to the new way of living, thinking or behaving. This is the skill and potential of NLP, whether that is in general life, achieving dreams, overcoming fears or for achieving professional success.

Dr Richard Bandler one of the founders of NLP teaches that NLP can do just about anything. If you are ready to change your behaviour, thinking or success, then NLP can be for you too.

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