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Gentle Touch Reflexology

Written: 16th Mar 2011

Enjoying Gentle Touch Reflexology.

Do you fancy putting a spring in your step?  Would you like to put your best foot forward?  Have you ever experienced the delights and benefits of reflexology?   Did you know you can choose which type of reflexology you have?

Every year people try reflexology for the first time, however what is not commonly known, is that there are a number different methods and types of reflexology. These range from the use of implements with a hard pressure, to an ultra light massage.  You can now choose the method that is right for, and suits you. 

Gentle Touch™ Reflexology  is one specific method of treatment that is available.  When you have this treatment, the practitioner tailors the treatment to your specific lifestyle and conditions and then provides you with a treatment that feels like a relaxing foot massage.  Its simplicity believes the power and effectiveness of the treatment as Brenda found out when she tried it for the first time, “I have had treatments before that I enjoyed, but nothing had the effects that Gentle Touch™ Reflexology had.  She just massaged my feet and I floated out of the session!”.

The treatment is different from some other forms of reflexology as there is an underlying philosophy behind it and the lightest of touch is applied to both feet, (at the same time, rather than one foot and then the other).  Sue Ricks took part in the trails that set out to show what the effectiveness might be of this treatment for those who had hip and knee replacement surgery.

Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology is perfect for those who like a gentle and supportive approach.  It can be applied to either the feet or hands with equal effectiveness.  Many clients prefer one or the other because some like their feet to be touched and some cannot entertain that and therefore choose Hand Reflexology instead. 

Some people may have tried reflexology before and found that it was uncomfortable and so when they hear that Gentle Touch™ Reflexology exists ( they can try another method. Knowing that you can choose the method that the practitioner uses just gives the client more choice to select the type and method that suits them.

Most practitioners in the UK practice a method called the Ingham method as Eunice Ingham (USA) a physiotherapist was trained by Dr William Fitzgerald and between them we can thank them for cascading the knowledge and availability of reflexology through to us.  Both used a very firm (hard) pressure on the feet that could be very uncomfortable but got good results.  This is why so many practitioners follow the original method and most practitioners use a medium to firm pressure.

Gentle Touch™ Reflexology has risen in popularity over the last twenty years following the success of the treatments and has become the preferred choice for some.  Fortunately everyone can now select the method that suits him or her.  Previously the general perception was that all reflexology was the same and yet now we know that it is not!  You can choose the method that’s right for you and enjoy the benefits of Reflexology.

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