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The Bubble Technique with Sue Ricks - Video 1

The bubble technique is probably one of the most beautiful and powerful techniques that you can do, have and use in life.

This technique is a universal technique and one that is suitable for all ages, people, situations and circumstances. It's a gorgeous technique that can be literally invaluable in life irrespective of what your life circumstances are.

It can help people of all ages and adds so much in offering some wonderful and effective and life-enriching ways of living.
It is an essential technique that I use myself personally and uses with all of my sessions, life coaching clients and therapeutic connections.

It is a little-known fact that many of our greatest issues are actually emotional or energetic issues and are more to do with these than the practical aspects of life or life circumstances. When we know how to care for ourselves better the world around us changes and we can handle things that we couldn't handle before!

The Bubble technique is a technique that I have taught to thousands of people in numerous walks of life and this has had life-changing results. Knowing this can literally change your life for the better

I know personally that I wish I had known about this when I was struggling with depression plus work and home-related issues. My life is all the better easier and richer for knowing about the bubble and I use it each and every day of my life.

In this series of videos, I take you step-by-step about what the bubble technique is, how to do it and have it there for you and others to enrich both your life and maybe the life of others too. We cope with life better when we feel safe and protected. It helps if we have a better understanding of others, and knowing more about what is actually going on and we can also do something about it.

These videos are designed by me to give you access to the techniques that I have been teaching for years and years.

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