Three Steps to Enjoying Life
Three Steps to Enjoying Life – Sue Ricks’ First Book
Living with dyslexia has been a real bonus for some and a nightmare for others. During childhood the issues around dyslexia are many and varied, however I used my childhood experiences as a starting point for my first book; Three Steps to Enjoying Life, published in 2007.

My motivation for writing began when I realised that the strategies that I use myself are useful to others too. I’m so pleased to share my simple plan with those who wish to enjoy life more or maybe are finding life a bit of a challenge. 

My early experiences of Dyslexia had a harsh effect on my self esteem until I realised that I could choose to be limited by this condition or rise above it. Many people find life hard, feel overwhelmed or are natural worriers and so my clients are now offered a range of complementary treatments plus the chance to talk through things.

Sarah, a busy local mum of two under threes, says that book and help has been like a breath of fresh air. She now is so much happier, has a whole new way of coping and is much calmer. She laughs saying “the boys think I am alright now! I have stopped getting on at them all the time”. 

The practical and easy to use plan is now being introduced into therapy practices up and down the country. Friends, family, clients and students are keen enthusiasts of the technique. Julie a local medical professional recently said that she will always tell others about the Three Steps to Enjoying Life as it seems so obvious, but one that she did not know before. 

How to get your copy
You can order copies of the book directly from Sue through this website (click here for more info).  The book is also available from bookstores such as Waterstones and WH Smiths: Title - Three Steps to Enjoying Life, Author - Sue Ricks, ISBN 978 1 903172 78 0

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