Sue Ricks Christmas Gift Voucher

The new gift vouchers have arrived.  I hope you like them as much I do!  A great present for all!

Treating someone else to something that you love too feels so good and when added to the fact that the vouchers look so super, it makes a perfect gift.   When I started in reflexology all those years  ago – I did not think it could be this good for so long , As time goes on I find that clients show me how powerful reflexology can be and the self-help tips too.  No wonder more and more people are trying it. 

These gift vouchers can be used for anything we have on in the site – from treatment and getting your life sorted to the books, DVD’s and courses.

I am so pleased that this is the first year we have had such great vouchers to offer.

I am also delighted to be able to tell you that my sons company made them for me too - let him know if he can help you too. Contact him on


Sue Ricks Christmas voucher

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