Reflexology Association of America (RAA)
The Reflexology Association of America (RAA) conference is going great. We are here in Denver having met some amazing people from so many states, Alaska, California, Florida and beyond.
There is terrific stand on the Pioneers of Reflexology with so many of the original items belonging to Eunice Ingham. Dwight Byers is here and we even managed a photo opportunity! NachiSanchez  has been showing me Eunice Inghams’s original typewriter ,letters to her from Joe Shelby Riley and some of her hand written teaching notes. What a prized collection, apparently gained from being in the right time at the right place. Nachi told me that he was on one of Dwight Byers courses and went for a walk at lunch time and saw a garage sale with some items that seemed to relate to reflexology. Another gentleman bought most of the items (Nachi is still looking for him!) and so Nachi bought an ancient couch and took it back to the class. Dwight saw the couch and recognised it as his aunt’s couch (Eunice Ingham)!
I have met so many passionate reflexologists who have so much to offer and it continues to inspire me about how much good will there is in the world. So many gifted people with wide ranging abilities to help others (and themselves).
There are some superb speakers here:
  • Dr Marc Piquemal
  • Christine Issel
  • Dr Martine Faure-Alderson
  •  Amanda Trosten-Bloom
  •  Barbara Brower
  •  Stephanie Cooke
  •  Kristi Gabriel
  •  Lone Sorensen
  •  Laura Jodry
  •  Plus information from Hanne Marquardt and Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik
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