New Social Media -Blog site re started, Twitter, Linked in and Facebook

Well here we are in the new age of social media!  I seem to have found so much to do over the last few years that it seem amazing to think that there is time to do blog sites, Facebook, twitter etc but the new age is here to embrace if we enjoy it!  I am having a go - so let's see if it works!

My latest Blog entry is about our skins invaluable role in keeping us healthy and what we can do to help it as well. See the blog site:- Muses of a Life Change Facilitator

I have been chatting with a friend who is also new to Twitter and we are mutually having fun with it. It seems to me that unless it is fun it is not worth doing so again I am having a go!  To follow on twitter see:- Twitter

I began using linked In as so many lovely people kept popping up and requesting links and it became really interesting to see others and provide recommendations as I felt fit.  It’s again something that I will explore further. A journey of discovery so if you are in linked in and want to connect - that would be fun  too!  Linked In

Facebook seems to be so many things to different people. Some like to keep in touch via Facebook, some offer words of wisdom and some do everything!  I am learning more and more about its range and potential and will see how it goes.  I have a profile page, and Sue Ricks page and a Gentle Touch Reflexology page so if you fancy becoming a "friend" or "like" any page - then we will keep in touch via Facebook too.

I originally just did a newsletter and then stopped for while in order to really be there for my family while Mum was ill. I feel her presence all the time now and feel she is offering love and support across the board!  To sign up for the newsletter - click here.

So however we meet and chat, whether that is in person, on line, facebook, linkin, twitter or in class - have fun, enjoy and remember to laugh! 



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