New Hot Stone Reflexology Course is Launched

A new addition to the range of School courses is launched as the Hot Stone Reflexology One day CPD course.  I am delighted to be offering this course as I personally am a huge fan of the Hot Stone treatment and it compliments Gentle Touch Reflexology so well.  One of the greatest attributes of Gentle Touch Reflexology is that it is light, gentle and subtle and so the use of smooth warmed stones placed carefully around the feet is wonderful.

My own personal experiences have shown me how deeply relaxing and enjoyable the treatment is.   Have had clients who have come to adore the glowing warmth of the stone in the winter months and it has become a firm favourite for quite a few of my clients. They request his treatment especially if the weather is cold.  It can also be used in the summer when cool stone can be refreshing too.

Sue Ricks - Hot Stone Reflexology

Sue Ricks - Hot Stone Reflexology









Claire said that she looks forward to her treatments at the end of a busy day and although at first she thought that having some thin stones placed between her toes might feel weird but she soon found out it is really lovely.

Some people think that reflexology will tickle and are delighted when they find that it does not. Although people expect it to be unpleasant having anything placed between the toes or placed on their feet, they usually find that once they have experienced it for real, they are then really looking forward to the sensation at subsequent treatments. The stones are used in a carefully controlled way so as to have the perfect temperature of stone to help assist various reflex points along where the stones are used.

 The benefit of hot stone reflexology is that is very soothing and relaxing, only requires the removal of any foot wear and is enjoyable to  receive as well.  

To experience your own treatment, see our Hot Stone Gentle Touch Reflexology Treatment Page.

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