NRRI Symposium - Ireland - Gentle Touch Reflexology - Photos

National Register of Reflexologists of Ireland (NRRI) symposium - Dublin

I had a wonderful time at the National Register of Reflexologists of Ireland (NRRI) symposium in Dublin.  It was an honour and also a delight to meet so many lovely and interesting people. What a great audience who kindly listened and joined in with my passion of Gentle Touch Reflexology. There is so much that can be done by working with some simple and effective techniques on both hands and or feet. It was great to walk through the delegates and share the techniques with everyone. Sue Ricks at NRRI

I have now posted the videos onto You Tube that I created to take to Ireland.

I have posted more photographs onto Facebook

The NRRI are very fortunate to have had some amazing guidance and foresight of some very gifted and talented people. In meeting Anthony Larkin, Gerald du Bios, Aileen O Conner, Sister Brega Whelan,  Jane White and Tomasz, I can see that a great deal of hard work has been done in the past and is also being done to create a more concrete foundation for the future of Reflexology. I have been fortunate to meet many people in the field of reflexology and I got a great feel for everyone’s passion and commitment to a greater cause.  I congratulate everyone in the NRRI on being so close knit, supportive and kindly connected to each other. National Register of Reflexologists of ireland NRRI

Sharing Gentle touch Reflexology with everyone at the third National Reflexology Symposium at the Ashling Hotel was a real treat. My initial nerves at being the keynote speaker soon dissolved when I met everyone involved! 

Since I was in Dublin I have been asked to do some more work with Reflexology for babies and children in Dublin, the US, Canada, Barbados and will be speaking in Barcelona too.  I see that there is real interest in helping both the younger and older generations. When we keep an open mind towards supporting people of any age or state of health and are excited, curious and passionate then we can have the most incredible and rewarding life  in the field of reflexology.

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