NEW BOOK!!! Reflexology for Babies & Children

NEW BOOK!!!  Reflexology for Babies & Children
I am so pleased to be able to tell you that my new book ‘Reflexology for Babies and Children’ has now been published!

It is an illustrated, 132 page, colourful and informative book about how to provide Reflexology to Babies and Children, written in an easy to read and simple to follow guide for family members and practitioners alike. This book is useful to all those interested inReflexology for the younger generation.  It is great for family members wanting to do Reflexology for their children or grandchildren; also for Reflexology practitioners and students of Gentle Touch™ Reflexology wishing to learn more.

I have used straight-forward language which is both instructive and informative to give you a clear understanding of how to use reflexology for babies & children. I have included helpful advice on many subjects.

My book outlines a treatment routines, specific information, support advice for parents & practical treatment guidlelines.There is detailed information on ways of helping to provide true relaxation that may help to improve the childs mood, aid their sleep, releieve their tension & generally aid well-being.
A happy baby or child = a happy parent /care giver.

Babies & Children Book

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