Cincinnati and New York - Teaching and Family - May 2009

In May 2009 I went to Cincinnati, Ohio to lead a series of training events and lectures on Reflexology for Babies and Children, in advance of my new book on the topic which was launched in September (see information later in this newsletter)

The Cincinnati Children's Hospital is an amazing place and is widely regarded as the 3rd most important Children’s hospital in the world, pioneering breakthrough treatments whilst providing outstanding family-centred patient care and training health care professionals for the future.

Cincinnati Childrens Hospital - Reflexology for Babies and Children Workshop
In addition to the 2 day ‘Reflexology for Babies and Children’ course I also taught Foot Reading to the Reflexology Association of Ohio, held an information evening about Gentle Touch™ Reflexology, spoke at some charity sessions and taught parents how to use reflexology for their babies and children at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center, as well as fitting in time to see the sites of Ohio and Kentucky!  What follows is my diary from the trip – I hope it gives you an insight into how powerful Reflexology for babies and children can be…

2nd & 3rd May 09: Babies & Children Reflexology Course

The two day course covered all aspects of treating Babies and Children with Reflexology, and was attended by a group of 9 self-funded attendees, including licensed massage therapists, the head of the Reflexology Association of Ohio, Debbie Hitt, and one delegate flying down from Canada to attend.
Day One saw the group attend a day devoted to reflexology for babies, from newborns to those aged 12 months, including training on both hand and foot reflexology.

Day Two  saw us work with children from 12 months to 16 years old.  Both days included the opportunity for delegates to practice the specific techniques learnt as well as giving the them an understanding of the best way to introduce children to the benefits of reflexology, language skills to build confidence, when to offer treatments and when not to, and how to create the right atmosphere for treating babies and children. 
Reflexology for Babies and Children Course Kentucky & Ohio May 2009
Throughout the course I used real examples and children who had been in the hospital were given the opportunity to be treated.  I received some great feedback from the delegates:

Michelle commented that ‘the gentle touch approach is simple, helpful and fun to do!’ but most rewarding for me was seeing and hearing about the benefits for the children treated during and following the 2-day session. There are some very seriously ill children at the hospital and some of the specialist nurses the group were able to help a few of them with their newly learned skills.

Success stories from the course included a child with gastroschisis (a condition where an opening in the abdominal wall allows the stomach and intestines to extend outside the body) the child had been very uncomfortable and not sleeping; following a reflexology treatment the child was noticeably more relaxed, happy and sleeping more comfortably.

I found teaching this course in Ohio so personally rewarding, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to show how reflexology can make such a difference to these children, and that such simple and effective techniques can transform their lives so quickly.

Monday 4th May 09

Today I taught 7 people in a teaching session at the Mercy Hospital in Western Hills, Cincinnati, and presented a lecture on Gentle Touch™ Reflexology introduction with the specific aim of understanding illnesses. The attendees were a great group of people, and it’s brilliant to be able to help them further with their understanding of using Reflexology to help people get better from their illnesses.

In the evening I got the chance to relax and enjoy my first ever baseball game! Even better the Cincinnati Reds won!

Tuesday 5th May & Wednesday 6th May 09

Today I had a break from teaching and enjoyed a day on the river with a wonderful steam boat trip on a beautifully hot day! Later in the evening Wendy Rolfe (Holistic Health Specialist at the Cincinnati Children’s hospital) and I spent some time planning further training and lecture sessions for the rest of the trip.
On Wednesday I got the opportunity to met up with some very distant family who I hadn’t met before – a great opportunity and a wonderful day!

Thursday 7th May 09

Today was the busiest day of them all, I started the day at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center - a resource and social centre helping parents stay abreast of topics that are important in raising a healthy and happy child in providing educational and fun programs for the whole family.  I held two talks for mothers, one for babies and one for toddlers, showing the parents how to help their own children through Reflexology. It is amazing to see parents using reflexology techniques with their own children and to see how quickly the babies responded to them.
In the afternoon I did a talk for 18 people at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Research Foundation on Reflexology for Babies and Children, many of those in the audience were licensed massage therapists.  An in depth questions and answers session allowed the audience to ask me their questions on treating seriously ill children with reflexology.

Friday 8th May 09

Today was a day for one to one sessions, including consultations for course and lecture delegates and individual treatment sessions.

These individual sessions are great as they allow me to help people with specific issues, in particular one mum who had trouble getting her child to connect with her, by reading her feet and identifying the underlying issues I was able to show her techniques to increase their connection – it’s such a good feeling to be able to help!

Saturday 9th May 09

The focus for today was a 1 day foot reading training session for 13 people from the Reflexology Association of Ohio, led by Debbie Hitt. This topic was new to many of the people attending and prompted Tamara, Physiotherapist and Cranio-Sacral Therapy practitioner to comment ‘feet are the only part of my patient’s body that I will always see and be in contact with.  Thanks to Sue I learned this invaluable interpretation and understanding’.  I really enjoy bringing new topics to people’s attention – its part of what makes my job so great.

And that’s not all!

Following on from the success of this trip I went to New York in October/November spreading the Reflexology for Babies and Children message to a new audience, as well as going back to Cincinnati for another teaching session at the Cincinnati Children’s’ Hospital Research Foundation on Reflexology for Babies and Children and a training session for the Reflexology Association of Ohio on understanding illness and GTR, as well as other lectures too! What fun!

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