Blog Site updates

I have been creating a list of things that I fancy putting on the blog site in the next few months.  If there is something that you fancy - let me know!

I have just put a short one up about enjoying what you are learning!

Here's the latest blog!

Recent activities:-

Enjoying lecturing at Derby university and had the pleasure of a visit from jane Sheehan who wowed the group with her take on Foot Reading, A Skype call with Tracey Smith from the AoR on the importance research, Another call with Spiros from Greece on using Orthopaedic reflexology.

Reflexology for Babies and Children Courses in Kent, East Midlands and Worcester. Baby reflexology is perfect timing for my PA Helen who had her beautiful baby daughter just four weeks ago! 

A trip to France to catch the French vibes!

Louisa's Student of the year award.

Writing the Gentle Touch Reflexology book and more on Foot reading too.

Short courses on various health conditions and their metaphysical meanings! So interesting and seem to be getting more and more people who are interested! It’s not for everyone but for those who ate interested - its brilliant and fun too!

Next stops – Ireland for Foot reading Courses, Reflexology for Babies and Children (tinies to teenagers!)

USA – New York City, Cincinati Ohio – Baby reflexology, Buffalo – New York State.- Advanced Reflexology with energy and vibrational healing.

Peter Mackareth  - Christies Hospital – arranging a training day to include: 'Adapting Reflexology for to Cancer Care'  (am) and an  'Introduction to HypnoReflexology'  (pm)

Polly Hall – on foot reading – date to be arranged with Derby Uni

Marlow radio interview 9.40am on Friday 26th October

And lots more!

And a new carpet too! 

Life is for living and having fun – hope you are too!

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